St. Patrick’s Day In The Jungle

What have I been doing the past few days you ask. The truthful answer to that is that I have been having fun with Irish music. I have been introduced to wonderful ideas about background music by my talented friend. It all started one cold winter evening over a cup of tea that still has me smacking my lips, when my friend mentioned that when I am ready to put out the next book, I must try experimenting with background music. At which point, I did the square thing and told him that I don’t know the slightest thing about the whole affair. The only experience I had with background music was when the school’s stationery manager told us all that he had left an illustrious career in the theatrical industry, and offered to do the background music for our plays. Time is a great healer: it has only taken about 3 decades for me to think of background music without shuddering a bit. You can read all about it here (I had written this 5 years back)

Well, we have been hard at work getting the next book out in app form and on iBooks. It is a charming story about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the Jungle. It is available for free. Please do take a look and share with your friends if you like it. The daughter has narrated the book and has added her creative touches to the book. The illustrations were done by the same talented couple who did the Christmas In The Jungle (Fi2Designs)

St. Patrick's Day In The Jungle
St. Patrick’s Day In The Jungle

Links are given below:

The iBook is also available: (Please go to iBooks on your iPad and then look for the book)

For those of you who don’t have an IPad, the St. Patrick’s Day In The Jungle book is now available in app format:

Android devices as an app at the following location:

Kindle Fire:

Please take a moment to read the story, or have it read it to you, and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. It means the world to me to hear from you. I only fumble on based on the kind encouragement I receive from many of you, and for that I am truly grateful.

Please mail me if you prefer to just see the PDF version of the story, and I can mail it to you.

It is free – so, if you can spare a moment and let me know your thoughts, I will love it.

Festivals In The Jungle

I wrote a series of Children’s Stories that revolve around festivals and the unique way in which we build our traditions and memories around them. The series explores how animals celebrate different festivals in the jungle. 

The Illustrators who did a fantastic job: Saptarshi & Georgiana from Fi2Designs
The narrator is the daughter (she is still choosing her pen-name or voice-name)

The book is available in the iBook store:



Please like the page for the series:

I am gearing up for the next book in the series: St. Patricks Day In The Jungle, and am looking forward to releasing it.

No Comic Task this

Well…well. It has been a while since I picked up a comic book. The guffawing over Tintin much to the chagrin of the mother who was trying to get a quiet afternoon rattling with the noisy Singer machine, while the rain pounded at the window and the wind whooshed menacingly, is tucked away in the recesses of a past.

Tintins were great. The Thompson and Thomson, Professor Calculus and of course the Captain (“BLISTERING BARNACLES” – I’ve forgotten his name, Harold ? Haddock! Yes!). The point is, I haven’t lost myself in the comic book world for a long time. A friend of mine lent me his book “Persepolis” and I must thank him for it.

The complexity of generations of bumbling in Iranian history, so well presented through the endearing voice of Marjane Satrapi had me lost in the book.

If one is looking to get a glimpse of Iranian culture, this isn’t the book. But to get a perspective of turmoil and how human beings find a way of adapting – this is a good book. Stark contrasting images, the humour and of course the appalling mystery of what humans perpertrate on one another in the name of ruling are etched into my memory.

The book had my eyes stinging in the final page (Caution: my tear ducts are very loosely controlled. I cried for Finding Nemo and Shrek!) But I loved Persepolis and am waiting to read her remaining works.

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