Year 3: Birthday #1 Account

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Ref: Year 3: Birthday #1 Account

Kee’s first 3rd birthday party was celebrated with great pomp and splendor on her father’s birthday yesterday. She did not exactly steal his thunder, but yeah….she cut the cake, wore a lovely dress, a crown and beamed as she cut the cake with her 22 3 ft friends watching with a look that combines all of the above emotions:

Anticipation, joy, enthusiasm and a weeny bit of jostling to get a good view of the cake!

Yesterday, I went along to her school, and just observed her class for a few minutes. I had taken leave yesterday because

(a) It was my dear husband’s birthday
(b) I had leave that was overflowing
(c) I was sick of all the tamasha at work and just wanted a day off
(d) I really wanted to meet Kee’s friends at school.

Her teacher casually mentioned that if I wanted, I could celebrate Kee’s birthday at school. So, we had a birthday party with 22 avatars in her classroom yesterday evening at 3:00 p.m. Her father could have attended the function, but he had an important customer call. So, the guy whose birthday it really was, did not get a chance at the cake. But Kee performed admirably and glowed in all attention and finery.

The children were all standing around the table, each one trying to poke a finger into the cake (Luckily I had not yet opened it) Their teacher (bless them both) came and told them

” Children … Please don’t touch the cake. Can everyone stand with their hands tied behind? Thank you!”

Lo and behold: All eager 3 year olds stood with their hands tied behind themselves!

The cake was served and all the little ones sat and ate them while I chatted with them all. A number of them said they were Kee’s friends.

Towards the end of the party, a Barney song was sung (lead by me and sung by all the pre-schoolers)

A word of thanks to Monsier Thaatha who assisted in buying the party items at short notice and Madame Paati who quickly put the goodie bags together.

If you need any further details, please get in touch with me.

PS: You may call her and wish her a happy birthday starting from 25th Sept through Nov 16th for the Financial Year 2007.
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Suing God

Senator sues God. The news item states it is an attempt to show how frivolous the lawsuit culture is.

So, God is summoned to the witness stand, and you just feel a cool breeze. The judge is leaning towards declaring contempt of court for filaure to appear, and a huge voice thunders from above


Well….okay. Please take an oath in the name of God


The Bible

If it is on one of the books written on me, shouldn’t you bring all the titles: Geeta, Koran and anything remotely religious?

You have to swear on God

I am God…..what use would an oath on myself do?

You would die if you lie

I don’t live and I don’t die. I am God

Well… are you refusing to take the oath ??

At this point thunder strikes the courtroom, and God is held to task.

Did you make thunder?

Yes that was me spattering in exasperation.

And so it goes ..

Black days

Dec 6th, Sep 11th, Aug 6th have all become dark days in our lives thanks to the thoughtless actions harming thousands of people. Yet, the wars we wag that have daily death tolls nearing Dec 6th and Sep 11th are unheeded.

History…please enlighten us to learn from you!

Another milestone

Another milestone in the life of her first-born.

She started school. She seems to be enjoying it. The mother was having difficulty leaving her daughter to cope in the unfamiliar classroom.

As she took the 3 mile drive home, she was disoriented. She stopped at green lights, got honked at by peevish office-goers heading grumpily to work after the long week-end. In her defense, visibility was poor. (The visibility factor was later clarified by her husband as being clouded by tears, not fog as she wanted to believe.)

Here is wishing her daughter the best for the exciting life that lies ahead – school stories, new friends, a lifetime of learning.

I think this is the rough schedule for the day:

8:30-9:00: settling in time. They can play with the puzzles and toys while settling in.
9:00 – 9:30: some songs I think
9:30-9:45: snack time.
9:45-11:45: rigorous work! They have S.M.A.R.T (simple math, art & reading time) I think they also sing songs and dance at this time.
11:45 – 12:05: lunch time. They have to eat on their own
12:05 – 1:30: nap time. they have to take out their sheets, sleep and clean up after themselves.
1:30 – 2:30: they play in the playground outside. There is a silly train, slides, bicycles, sand box and swings
2:30 – 3:30: another round of S.M.A.R.T before heading back home. BTW, each of these activities have a restroom break in between. So, you can imagine how much actually gets done during the day!

Any comments may be sent without inhibitions to her mail_id. I am hoping that with the amount of money we are dishing out, she will learn to read eventually!

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