For Pots and Mirrors

We were lucky enough to catch the last and most thrilling sector of the Men’s Wimbledone Finals. Federer and Roddick gauged each other and combatted with the spirit that only stalwarts can command. Shot for shot, point for point. The game went on..

Finally when Federer won, our hearts went out to Roddick, though Federer had broken a world record. That is the true spirit of sports and overwhelms me every time. The youngest and oldest in our group at the time made two startling revelations:

The youngest quipped at the award giving ceremony: “See, one got a pot and the other got a mirror!”

The oldest quipped: “You know it is far more thrilling to watch a match without knowing the outcome!” (DUHH .. coming from a man who spent half his grown-up years advising his son that watching a match live was worthless, this was a revelation of sorts!)

While the grandfather discovered that watching a match live was thrilling, the grand-daughter discovered that people spent a LOT of energy to get a pot and a mirror.

4 thoughts on “For Pots and Mirrors”

  1. Did you watch it Live as in in person in the Centre court or on TV?

    But it was a match to be remembered….

  2. I am amazed to note that you sat through a tennis match. Though I couldn't get to watch the finals, from what I heard, it was an exciting 5 hours.

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