Landing on the mooon and Harry Potter

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing – the triumph of the ‘can-do’ attitude. I am becoming a big fan of this attitude, although it is taking a lot of practice to not lapse into the “Can I do it?” mode.

My posts of late are reeking of the Twitter-ish tinge. I shouldn’t have read about the brevity becoming the new breakfast cereal. My words seem to be slowing down at 140. I am sure the sub-conscious is playing its role. Today, I am determined to fight back. I can do it, and therefore, I am going to sit here and tell you all about my views on the latest Harry Potter movie.

As far as books go, Half Blood Prince is courageous. The book was a nice prequel to Deathly Hallows and answered for us the questions about Lord Voldemort. However, the movie was a disappointment for me at many levels.

Plainly put, a person who has not read the books and has only seen the movies, would not be able to string the story together. And that is a huge miss. Arguably, Harry Potter need not cater to a base that hasn’t read a book or atleast the book review, so they should be able to string things together. But, I still find this discomforting in a movie.

Contrary to the other movies, there was too much of the dating aspect in this movie and quite a few out of character treatments.

Dumbledore, for example, is seen asking Harry about his relationship with Hermione, out of his curiosity! Like Headmasters stand around asking who is dating who?!

Lavendar creates a scene and fights with Hermione over Ron in front of – get this: Professors Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Slughorn and Madam Pomfrey, and it isn’t over yet – IN the hospital. All the professors stand by and watch the altercation with either consternation, a smirk or amusement, depending on their characterization.

Harry is made to stand aside and watch Dumbledore succumb wandless without a compelling reason to do so. In the book, he is stunned and under the invisiblity cloak. He is UNABLE to do anything. In the movie, he is standing right under the scene, with a perfectly functioning wand, and a clearly nervous Draco and wandless Dumbledore standing and chatting about Draco’s task like it was a tea-party at Hogsmeade or something. This is so unlike Harry – when has he hesitated to help anybody? In fact, Hermione helpfuly pointed out the “hero mentality” in the previous movie!

All in all, looks like Warner Bros knew what they were doing – they kept all the crucial plot points to secure their earnings in financial years 2010 and 2011.

Now, you are wondering what the can-do attitude of landing on the moon has with my opinion of the latest Harry Potter movie. Nothing.

3 thoughts on “Landing on the mooon and Harry Potter”

  1. Crisp review of the movie. Thanks for not "giving away the ending" 🙂

    The best part was, Keena proclaiming along with childhood Voldemort, that she also knows Parseltongue (Snake Language) and showing off her skill. ("Sssaya nacha..kill kill… = Hi Snake – Kill)

    Overall, it is not a bad movie but 3-5-1-4-2-6 would be my order.

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