Phone Message

Have you tried calling anybody lately? You would pull up the person from your phone’s contact list, or take the trouble of punching the numbers in only to get to their voicemail. Isn’t it funny that a majority of voicemails first tell you the number you dialled. “I know!” you want to scream, “I dialled it remember?!”

“You have reached the voicemail box of 4-8-9-3-3-8-5-9-7-4.”*”Dulcet Tone?”*” is not available. Please leave your n-am-e and telephone number at the beep” BEEP!

I’ve also noticed that everytime one is asked to say their name under pressure, they say it with a questioning tone of incredulity. It sounds like they can’t believe they said their name correctly at the right time and want to ask you if it is okay.

The tone is irresistibly influenced by the automated message tone. So, Melody Personified” invariably sounds likeSqueaky horn?”

The exact same thing happens with conference bridges. “Saumya?” has joined the conference *BEEP* “Chris?” has joined the conference

If you call me, you will be treated to the same phenomenon, but when has that stopped me from saying anything?

2 thoughts on “Phone Message”

  1. I like to leave some unique greeting messages , just because I don't want to be scared of some automated system .

  2. Yes….suroba, I like your message, though I had to call mulitple times to actually get what it said 🙂

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