Teenage begins!

He was named after Gautama Buddha – Siddarth. Yes, without the ‘h’ after the ‘d’ for those who ask, and believe me a lot of people asked! It’s funny how many people had to point it out, as though we had made a spelling mistake. He is nothing like Buddha – in fact he has every characteristic but tranquillity. Yet, he has provided our family with entertainment of every sort. He could be the court jester, the clown, the one who knows exactly what would get his mother and father wound up like a clock.

I remember the phone call. 13 years ago, I got up as usual in my hostel room wondering whether today would be the day. It was. In a few minutes after my daily duties, I received the call that changed my life positively forever, my nephew was born. He was also the first grandchild of our family. I left for home that very afternoon and arrived short of breath at a hospital 4 hours away. After a blurry conv with the elated father, grandfather, hugs etc, I held the most beautiful baby in my life.

“Hold the neck!” screeched a voice
“Isn’t he beautiful?” asked another
“Who does he look like?” demanded another. It was cacaphony, and then I realised I hadn’t congratulated the woman who’d made it through it all, and my sister looked elated and tired at the same time.

From then on, people have often wondered why is it I would throw every holiday to be with my nephew – the first one to call me “Chitthi”. I neglected college trips with class, turned askance at group trips to some place. Every conceivable holiday, I spent with the little fellow. I watched him grow into a boy and as he steps into teenage, I wait with bated breath to see how he would progress into manhood from boyhood.

Enjoy your teen years Siddu.

3 thoughts on “Teenage begins!”

  1. I am sure following is one of the most used statements..
    “It is amazing how time flies” 🙂

    Nice blog!

    Happy birthday Siddu!

  2. And here’s how he’s walked into being a teenager. My conversation with him on the 29th was as follows:

    Me: “Hi Siddu, happy birthday man!”
    Sid: “Thanks Maama”
    Me: “So what’s happening, how was your day?”
    Sid: “Nothing much, life’s cool, I have to go and play now, bye”
    Me: …

  3. To give all the readers of this blog an update on how he became a teen on his birthday…he thought it was plain ‘silly’ to cut a cake candles on it and bluntly refused to have one!! 4 years ago I had to beg the baker to somehow bake a cake with Batman on it since he would not settle for anything else!

    So far I believe he is growing up to be a good boy ( take that with a large pinch of salt!!)…he better did with all the oodles of love he always gets from his aunts, uncles, grandparents in all corners of the globe!!

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