Dame Wash-a-lot

I am in a deeply introspective mood. Economics has no explanation, common sense has no explanation. Continuum and chaos are the only probable explanations. Here is my problem.
For a family of three, we wash a lot.
“So?”, you ask.
By wash a lot I mean this. If I were to use a laundromat (the ones where you tip in the quarters for a wash, for those not in the USA), I couldn’t afford it. The financial strain would begin to show. We have a washing machine that groans when it hears approaching footsteps. “Not again!” I can hear it say. In fact, when I was once in an advanced state of delirium and woke up in the middle of the night to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I almost saw the dryer’s pitiable eyes, with tears flowing freely.

For the ones who live in countries with advanced washing machines, don’t smirk! I know the USA is missing out on the automatic, semi-automatic, washer-cum-dryer models etc, but President Obama has promised me he will be taking steps to correct the issue in the future by investing more in education (especially Science). So, I remain with the optimism that very soon I will not have to take the midnight trudge down to the washing machine to transfer clothes to the dryer.

Oh…it is true that sometimes I can’t find a spot for the folded clothes and dump them in the wash basket again. Some orphaned sock lands up there too, till I finally trash the loner. But these can’t account for that many!

With that level of washing, our clothes should be impeccable. Guess what, they sometimes are. Sometimes, I see my white and grey T-shirt with cute specks of crimson that undeniably came from the sweater in the load. I can recognize the “white” banians (vests and briefs!) from a mile away. They are the ones that have all been experimented to an artists palette down by the wash. I remedy the situation readily by repeatedly washing them again and again, so the crimson speckels barely show, while the bright clothes … well, lose their colour and look dull! I’ve tried sorting the whites with little improvement to show, and have quickly gone back to the old ways after an unsuccessful rehab exercise.

Now for the vessels! I enjoy cooking, I don’t deny it. I am also known for reusing vessels while cooking. Yet, everyday I find a full load of dishwashing. So, for one whole day, I made the family eat out. (Not that it required persuasion of any kind!) I refused to dirty my kitchen. Guess what, I had a dishwasher load in spite of that – glasses and bowls from god-knows-where after eating god-knows-what?

So, I give up! I surrender. I shall rename myself Dame Wash-a-lot like the character in Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree series and spend the next few decades washing and humming a dhobin’s tune.

4 thoughts on “Dame Wash-a-lot”

  1. If I may offer a suggestion to your clothes “problem” – you should consider halving your daughter’s daily costume changes, from hourly to one every 2 hours, you’ll be amazed at the reduction in the load.

    As for the vessels, you should thank your stars you have a dishwasher. My dishwasher is sitting next to me now saying she has the same problem of too many vessels and she only cooks for two!

  2. Funny…funny blog!! Just wanted to let you guys know I have been married 14 years and am still doing the same!! So your conclusion was about the right tone!!!

  3. Ahh..well.

    Unused mind: first of all, get on your feet and take up dishwashing.

    Jayashree: Please suggest a dhobins tune to keep me occupied!!

  4. Saumya,
    That was hilarious..:-) Laundry washing is not so much of a problem for me…but dishwashing is a different story..

    @Unused mind,
    Tut..Tut..Don't ever use such words as "my dishwasher" where bloggers like Saumya & myself can peruse that..Be careful..As Saumya said , I think you should be the dishwasher from now on..:-)

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