Go Penguins!

We had to go to Antartica. We couldn’t.

We should have been wearing thick jackets with woollen leggings, gloves, tracks and snow shoes bearing down with an amazing sense of purpose against the cold Southern winds. We should have been huddling together and drawing comfort from numbers just like the Penguins do down in Antartica. The Aurora Australis forming a beautiful back-drop against the chill night.

We had to go to Australia. We couldn’t.

We should have been yearning to splash some water over ourselves and licking ice-cubes while the unbearable heat of the desert seeped in through every conceivable pore, while Kangaroo gazing in the deserts of Australia.

Penguins and Kangaroos are the little ones favourite animals by far, and the journey to Antarctica and Australia proving cumbersome, we took the next best option and went to San Diego. That meant, escaping the cold of San Francisco, and basking in the warmth of San Diego.
Numerous trips into the Penguin encounter later, we held up for parental authority and firmly held that we will undertake no more trips into the dashed building again, only to be carted off to a ‘Pets Rule’ show!

I loved Sea World. I did enjoy the warm San Diego weather and the hospitality of an old friend.
It was fascinating to note that the high temperatures in both San(Jose and Diego) were the same while the fluctuation between high and low temperatures was what caused the teeth typing in San Jose.

2 thoughts on “Go Penguins!”

  1. After watching Happy feet umpteen times, I did not feel that good about Penguin encounter. (Because of Trapped penguins)

    But no such moral dilemma for Keena. She had tons of fun. She went around and around that encounter five times. Educating whoever care to listen about Macaroni & emperor penguins.

    San Diego was lot of fun. The weather was nice and we were in nice company.

  2. Keena and I had one more sneak into Happy Feet during the weekend , thanks to You Tube. Oops !! I promised her that I will not tell u guys.

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