Help! Hindu God of Olympics!

I know why India does not win the Olympics. Hinduism, for all its openness and boasting of having over 3000 gods does not have a Major God for Sports. A random page says The God of Sports is Lord Subrahmanya.

A Mythology refresher: Subrahmanya is the one who was challenged to a race around the world thrice against his brother.(

Subrahmanya had a peacock and flew off, while his pot-bellied elephant brother had a mouse to run around the world. Long story short, Subrahmanya and his peacock lost the race to the elephant brother and skulked off to brood at a hilltop in Tamil Nadu. (I don’t know why Wiki answers proclaims him to be the God of Sports) Anyway, I thought the Lord Subrahmanya was only famous in Tamil Nadu, which is famous for idlis, filter coffee and curd rice (none of which are exactly high up on an Olympic sportsman’s diet you will agree).

In other news, Karnataka is in drought and Rs. 17 crores have been set aside for drought relief. When it comes to drought relief, what are the measures you can take to alleviate the water problem? Illogical solutions to this question will not be tolerated easily.


Right answer: 17 crore rupees is being set aside for performing pujas at temples across the state to entice the rain god to perform in the State. Nobody is gullible enough to spend all that money on one temple: 34000 temples across the state will perform the same puja on the same day and rain will come.

Now you see why we need a famous God of Sports having at least 34000 temples? If we had set aside an Olympic Coaching Fund and organised a prayer to appease the Sports God at the same time, while feeding our athletes curd rice and idlis, we might have won the Olympics. Alas! Hinduism in 5000 years did nothing towards this end and we are forced to pray to Gods who have to cut themselves free of their main task and take on Sports overtime.

Olympian Diet
Olympian Diet

What’s an Indian Olympic Athlete to do against these enormous odds?

13 thoughts on “Help! Hindu God of Olympics!”

    1. “17 crores for the pujas” story begs to be mocked. I don’t see anything that is provoking (but again, I can see how some people may be provoked). And last but not least, it is funny.

    2. Blue-Dyed Flower – unfortunately anything that brings up religion can be viewed as provocative. I am degrading no one here, but we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves.

  1. hi thoyo chithi!
    appa and i were just laughing about this temple puja funding! i don’t suppose you’ve heard of the ‘god promise’ incident? that political story sheds more light on the problem solving abilities of our honourable legislators than any other. Vetrivel Muruga!

  2. Yum Yum salivating over the idli, curd rice and philter kappi photos.

    D’ya think Murugan would have had a “whale” of a time if he had won?????

  3. Thank you for following my blog, my friend! I hope your visits in my blog have been and will always be an enjoyable experience!

    I’ve been enjoying yours so please keep sharing and keep inspiring! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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