Slimy Brazil Sprout Rice Recipe

Given the recent claim to fame my flaming Slimy Brazil Sprout Rice has received; I have decided to share the recipe with my readers. You are welcome.

Brazil sprout (You can either ask any Brazilian where to get them or mine through some really dense cabbage farms to find these. If either of these methods don’t work for you, you can ask for Brussel sprouts instead)
Snails or Earthworms (Snails preferred)
Yucky vegetables

Chase the snails as fast as you can – actually as fast as they would go, and collect the slime they leave behind. Scoop into a cup and set aside.
Cut the yucky vegetables into a size of your liking
Crush your spirit along with the snails slime
Mix them all together with rice and cook in a pressure cooker.
Serve it hot with a dollop of Ghee to your daughter.

My daughter’s teacher probably thinks I am an ogre who lives in a swamp and gathers mush and slime to make the vegetable rice for her and I don’t blame her. This is what my daughter had written when asked to write a paragraph about food choices.

My mom makes Vegetable rice. It is a rice I hate because it has vegetables. Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate yucky vegetables. Sometimes she puts brazil sprouts and that’s the worst because to me, brazil sprouts is a mix of all the vegetables. Also my mom makes me eat a really slimy vegetable and watches me until I’m done. She said she knows I don’t like it. Now thats just being mean. It would be a little better if my rice doesn’t have the vegetables. Even though I don’t like them I have to eat. That is why I hate vegetable rice.

The teacher has asked for a substitute word for ‘yucky’ and has corrected Brazil to Brussel.

Teacher’s comment: Fun to read! Great description πŸ™‚

If anybody has some kind words of consolation to say to me, please head on over to the swamp where I am languishing in the mush collecting ingredients for dinner.

16 thoughts on “Slimy Brazil Sprout Rice Recipe”

      1. Make sure to convey that it is for the writing skills, and not for the eating skills..which I hear is from her Mom…:)

  1. “She said she knows I don’t like it. Now thats just being mean.” – LOL.
    Suresh@ She not only got the writing from her mother but eating too. (asking Saumya’s mom about her childhood eating habits will fill lot of blogs)

    1. The sad part is when you are going through this, the grand parents have this undeniable joy in their face. “Now you know what I went through to raise you” – that’s so mean :).

  2. Chella kodam!! “Anyone who knows me well knows I hate yucky vegetables”… Ha, the things you have done to make her eat.. I have to congratulate her personally , on her writing skills.

  3. ROFL ! Hugs to you, sister ! I can imagine how much the teacher enjoyed reading it.
    Just wait until she has children of her own – much like your parents waited for this moment.

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