Brisk Get-to-work January

The first month of 2012 is here. You see, if corporate America has a fault, it is that in their minds a lax December or a holiday season should be followed by a brisk getting to work January. Only, the holiday season in all my experience has never been lax. There are two things that contribute to this:

1) People take vacations during the holiday season. You know how tempting it is – the Christmas holidays combined with the New Years and all of that. Which leaves the folks who do not take a vacation during that time to bear the brunt of the workload.
2) Despite all the “Ho Ho Ho”s of the Office parties, this is definitely the point when the year is running out. All the grandiose plans suggested when the New Year had rolled around suddenly becomes important. Folks are milking the remaining ones in the office to cut the slack and buck up to completing as many goals as possible, while tucking into the chocolates.

So, that takes care of the holiday season. Now the day New Year rolls around, there is this pressure around you to undertake slightly unachievable targets. The idea being that if you achieve them, then your goals were too simple (Duh!) and this allows one to stretch one’s limits. In the euphoria of the New Year, we gullibly do so. (What gets pushed out month after month can be dealt with in December with by those who don’t take vacation!) Not only that, we add on personal goals of our own too, and if one of them involves compensating for the extra calories that you ate while achieving the year end goals of the previous year, luck be to you.

2012 rolled in like a stern taskmaster and rapped everybody on the knuckles. In fact, this is the image doing the rounds ….happy working everyone.

hitman monkey
Hitman monkey has no joy!

6 thoughts on “Brisk Get-to-work January”

  1. Hi, thats bad…very relevant to you guys in the US.
    All the best to meet your signed up goals and tuck in those chocolates to get over the depression! 🙂

    1. Hema 🙂 The worst part is, they all walked around saying ‘Take it easy this week .. next week is going to be very busy!’ on the Friday before New Year! So, we all got a whole day to take it easy!

    1. I know 😦 Gullible me….every year I fall for the ‘slow December’ technique and land up slogging right through!

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