The Joy of Quiet

2011 seems like a blur. An important blur on the timeline of my life. The year my Tucky was born. I savour the beauty of my pregnancy, the occasional impatience to see my little one while pregnant. Then, the beautiful moment of seeing his face. I shall always remember my daughter traipsing into the delivery room dressed in a fine party dress. When I quizzed her about the choice of clothes, she gave me an exasperated look and said, “Amma, Tucky is seeing me for the first time today. Of course, I have to wear my best clothes!” She quickly added that she knew I couldn’t help being shoddily dressed for the occasion since I was in hospital (Always considerate for my feelings, my little one is!). Oh! The innocence and beauty of it all. The essence of all I admire about life.

We get but one life and what we choose to do with it is our choice. There are so many venues competing for your time and attention that if one is to become a decent success at anything and make the commitment of time, we feel it had better be worth it. But how does one determine what draws the lottery of the limited time available?

I think this is the best past-time and the one that is most prized. Enjoying the maze of our own thoughts, a calm in the chaos.

I quote:

Nothing makes me feel better — calmer, clearer and happier — than being in one place, absorbed in a book, a conversation, a piece of music. It’s actually something deeper than mere happiness: it’s joy, which the monk David Steindl-Rast describes as “that kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens.”

Here is to finding that calm and that peace in us in 2012.

Happy New Year all!

10 thoughts on “The Joy of Quiet”

    1. Thank you lightway….I chanced to look at your blog and loved the underlying theme. Mine is pretty much humour in our daily lives so we remember to laugh 🙂 So, please keep stopping by and I hope I would make one more person smile.

    1. Thanks Nags.,…your son and mine must be the same age approx. Mine is now 7 months old. I think Akshath (that’s his name right?) ,must be 5 months now. Hope you are all doing well.

  1. :–)) Time to get some action this year I say after a slow 2011.

    Happy new year! Dotter uber sweet! :–) As they say Kids do the darnest things.

  2. Calm and Serene – where did I hear it before?? 🙂

    May this new year get better not worse from here on…..

    You meant 2012 didn’t you? (it says 2011 at the last paragraph)

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