The Pictuaraguan @ The Asian Games

All hopes of the tiny island nation of Pictuaragua were pinned on Wilpat Shue as he walked up the stairs to the weightlifting arena. Nike had promised him an advertisement slot if he could bung in a gold at the Asian Games in New Delhi. To the Pictuaraguan President, this was huge. This meant, Nike would enter the markets and little boys who wanted to play ‘Seven stones’ will aspire to play ‘Seven stones’ wearing fashionable Nike shoes, and that may be just the boost Pictuaragua needed to turn its poor agrarian economy around.

“No pressure Wilpat”, said the President pompously stroking his goatee, “the entire nation depends on you and the Nike deal, that is all!”

Wilpat was the hot favorite for the gold medal, but he had a somewhat annoying habit, one that is employed by quite a few top athletes. He made heavy noises – he claimed weightlifting was strenuous.
“GRUNT! OHHHH!” He would scream and then he would flex his gleaming muscles and issue the following “HAARRUMPH! OOOMPAAA! BBEERRRRR AAAH  GRRREEAADDDDYYYYY?” with increasing intensity. And then flex them muscles once more for good luck and lift.

True to form, Wilpat surveyed the audience and issued the first of his grunt – “GRUNT!” Nothing happened. In fact, folks looked mildly amused and a couple of dogs peeped in to see who the new animal was. It was during the HAARRUMPH” stage that the first grumblings of dissent were heard from the building. It did sound like an elephant herd practicing for the Jungle choir. The OOMPAA was not as long as the HAARUMPH, but built on the previous one was too much strain. Wilpat bent down and started on the BBEERRRR and picked up the rod when he felt something solid bunging him on the back of his head. GAAARR he continued and another one hit him unconscious. He dropped the rod on his foot and crashed with a resounding thud on the ground.

The tiles from the false ceiling in the arena had just collapsed unable to bear the strains of Wilpat’s vocal chords. Poor Wilpat lost points and did not win the Gold Medal as predicted because he had dropped the bar on his foot while falling. “Anywhere else…”, said the judges, “but rules are rules.”

The Chief Minister of Delhi rushed on to the scene and urged everybody to retain their optimism. She said minor glitches such as this will not hold the prestigious Asian Games from being conducted. She also urged future competitors to not make as much of a noise as Wilpat did, and asked them to walk onto the arena gingerly on their toes like ballet dancers. If they could do that, and if care was taken not to cheer anybody, there was nothing preventing the games from proceeding she said.

Instead of saying “Quite a Tournament!”, we will say ‘A Quiet Tournament!” she joked. Nobody laughed for fear of the roof.

PS: – Now, tiles on false ceiling collapse in weightlifting arena (after the bridge collapse, the deplorable state of housing for the athletes, now tiles).
“Glitches won’t bring down Games”: Sheila Dikshit,  Delhi Chief Minister

14 thoughts on “The Pictuaraguan @ The Asian Games”

      1. I am so ashamed of the state of affairs in India. China is way ahead of us in every way imaginable.

  1. I know 😦 IT is not that we dont have the money or the smarts, that is what really irritates me. I wish we could just pull ourselves together and give all our attention to something!

    1. It is not a question of money or smarts – never was. I think it boils down to the will / application of the powers that are; shows well what they are interested in, making money and they do not care about the reputation / image of the country in the global arena.

  2. Just now browsed through some links and found that India spent 17 billion dollars ( no no..not Rupees) on it. I sincerely hope I am reading false report 😦

  3. Ha, Ha! That was a nice way of putting it.

    On a serious note I think we should stay away from offering to host mega events. people with itchy palms just can’t have enoughof the percentage in every thing.

  4. Stumbled upon your blog and found a post just like my latest one. CWG’s on everybody’s mind… 🙂
    That’s a really good and, unfortunately, true post.
    I’m still laughing! 😀
    And yeah, I’m blogrolling you 🙂

  5. Looks like they made up for all the corruption by executing the opening ceremony.

    I don’t like the concept of CWG (all the countries under British rule => Why the hell are we associating with past ruler???)

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