LinkedIn & Slur Motion Photography

“Please stand back – we will answer all your queries.”
I wave to my adoring fans who would like to just have one word with me. I stand next to my second level contact in LinkedIn, while he is looking dazed with all the attention. I assure him that all will be well, and I am there to take care of the number of people who jostle around him for photographs and such. Not that I wouldn’t like a photograph with him myself. I can entrust the camera to the one person I can rely on. The husband. He would never lose the camera; but what he does with it is an entirely different matter.

I am not sure whether he would attempt that new technique in photography he was so enamoured with the last time I was around a mini celebrity, I hope not. The technical term is ‘Slur Motion Photography’ or the ‘Earthquake Effect’. The results were fine if I were viewing them sitting on a vibrating machine or one of those massaging chairs you see in malls with old men burping loudly on them. But if I were to see them standing still, it took a practiced eye to find me, and that is not the state of affairs one wants when being photographed with your Second Level Contact in LinkedIn whenever that maybe.

So, who is my second level contact on LinkedIn? None but the President of the United States, Barack Obama! To all you skeptics who don’t believe me, I snapped an image of my screen.


Here is a sample of Slur Motion Photography, that I personally find admirable as long as you are not looking to retain memories of yourself in it and such.

For more pictures of the same calibre, please go to

28 thoughts on “LinkedIn & Slur Motion Photography”

  1. Unfair to Sriks. Someone handed him a dinky slow 55-200 on a dinky camera.

    What sriks needs to create sharp photos needs a Tad bit of money. Ping mano or me for details: )

      1. In this case – totally :). He was handed the wrong equipment for the photo. Its like someone gave you a kybrd wtht vwls t typ ths blg. Unfr.

    1. He is a mini-celebrity A-kay. The guy who acts as Inspector Arif Khan in “Yennai Pol Oruvan”, or the son-in-law in “Abhyum Naanum” – Ganesh Venkataraman

      1. No wonder… haven’t watched either one of these movies. Guess it is safe to say, my celeb knowledge is pathetically low 🙂

        May be you got confused with “Enakkul Oruvan” and hence, got the name wrong?

  2. Ahem! Pot, pan and all that. Although no celebrities were harmed in the making of that photograph, I distinctly remember being at least 9ft tall in a photo that my loving sis’ took of me when I was a mere 10 years old…what do you have to say to that Ms. Second-level-linkedin-contact-to-Obama?

  3. You said it Anand. If she doesn’t want to spend on expensive lens At least get a FF body that can be shot at iso 12000 with nary a noise. 🙂

      1. Friend (n): A person who purchases toys you didn’t know exist and can convince you why you need them in the first place.

  4. Enna, everybody is piling on my dear friend Sri… It was not an operator’s fault, it was everything to do with camera… (waiting till Sri’s b’day passes..:))

    @saumya: May be, it’s a 3D picture… Did you try looking at it with 3D glasses..:)… If it’s still blurry, it could be of higher dimensions for which glasses haven’t been invented. Only someone with an eye for n-dimensional reality can view it…:)

      1. Did you try that? A low cost option is to squint your eyes till you see a clear picture… U gotta work on it to be fluent.. For more than 3 dimension, you gotta wear the 3D glass and start squinting..:)

    1. Saumya,
      There is ennakul oruvan – Kamal’s old movie, there is evano oruvan – Madhavan. There is ennai pol oruvan- shivaji , I think.

      And Suresh has a very good answer, 3D IT IS !! 🙂

  5. In my experience, it is not the problem with the camera or the person. It is the mode in which the camera is set. Under these yellow lights, setting the camera in potrait mode works well with my camera. Or try out in different settings and see which one works for your camera.

    1. Sherin … actually this one had the zoom lens set for taking pictures for when I was on stage with the MC team. So, close-up shots don’t come that well.

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