Mind in a boat .. self in a …

The boats are feeling left out in my life. ‘An explanation?’ you ask, I concede.

Regular readers already know I use the public transit into work.

What readers don’t know is that through no fault of mine, I have sidelined the aquatic altogether. The ships and ferries of the world crave for my company, but I turn a cold shoulder on them. Life can be hard I tell them, and they understand, but wither away nevertheless. Just to keep the blighters happy, I’ve decided to take a boat ride down a river.

‘What is this frivolity about boats?’, you ask. There is a reason. My commute everyday now proudly includes a car ride to the transit terminal, followed by a jolly train ride, followed by a charge to the bus stop conducted at approx 30 mph  and then a frustrating ride on the bus. When you read this, you can readily imagine the plight of the boats. I mean if I were a boat or a ferry, I’d have raged and ranted. “Pure evil” I’d say and generally spread the message around on shore while docking at the yard and such. I am not sure about the vocabulary prevalent among boats, but I can assure you I’d have used the finest to make the constabulary shrink.

I am not a hard hearted person. In fact, I am soft hearted. So, the last time I went to a bookshore, I did something noble and wise that could appease the boats without actually getting on them. I bought the book ‘3 men in a boat’, and I must tell you I am perfectly enjoying the trip down the river.

Mind in a boat .. self in a bus

4 thoughts on “Mind in a boat .. self in a …”

  1. HA !! HA !! The men in boat ache for you, Saumya! 1.5 hrs of journey every day, and you let the ferries pass by, tut tut…
    I have the book , btw. A good old classic.

  2. OMG! So much travel :–( Dont you get tired by the time you get to work?
    Nice twist with the boat, I was wondering what you were going to say.

  3. I spent the first two years of my career with a 2 hr one way brutal scooter – run to platform – local train 1 – run across madras central subway – local train 2 – bus to work. If I were delayed in any link, I couldn’t reach work (that last link was a company special bus). [KK Nagar to near Minjur.].

    I know what you are going through.

    Hang in there. Once I quit that job, I moved to Pune and lived across the street from work so I could walk.

  4. Shoba – see what all I do to please every mode of transport?
    SK – I do – sometimes, I am so tired in the evening, I can’t talk. IT takes THAT much to keep me quiet though 🙂
    Anand – one day, one day , one day……

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