Service with a smile

I wonder whether the poor thing would have a roof over its head tonight, or be let to stand outside.  California is warm now, so it should be okay. Ever since I knew the husband, I knew the car. Better yet, I’d received an appraisal about the car and therefore the husband’s tastes from a friend who had met him before I set eyes on him or the car.

I loved our Acura Integra. I loved the moon roof, and the fact that it made a noise like a whirring jumbo jet when pushed hard. Come to think of it, I never named the car, or associated a gender with it. After my long ride home on the public transit, I would find myself humming something and walking towards my car, only to find the engine start up with the same song I’d been humming a minute ago. The whole day, the tune would have slipped my mind, but the sight of the car would bring it on again.

Not a single complaint from it when we posed in front of it, or parked it in front of national park entrances for the ‘Patel shot’. If ever a car had a smiling face, it was the Acura Integra model we had.

The husband’s write-up on the car when it reached 100K is here.

Today, we sold the car. I’ll miss you Acura – thanks for the decade long journey.

10 thoughts on “Service with a smile”

  1. Awww, sad to see it go, although I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting it or even driving it – thanks to the American Consulate…

    Nevertheless, hope its ‘pukkaam’ is kind and it is well looked after. 🙂

    1. Believe it or not – last night I was telling shree that you would have liked to take it for a spin. BTW just because you missed the appointment once doesn’t mean you can’t try again.

      You know that right?

  2. Oh noes. What car did you get as a replacement?

    If you or your sister have saved that darned email I wrote in 2001 (or 2), please send it to me :).

    BTW, has Sriks read that email?

    1. Well…see the sad thing is that email was sent to my infosys account and for some reason got archived beyond retrieval 😦 I really would have liked to show shree that mail.

      WE bought a mazda MPV instead

  3. Anand@ Nope I did not read that mail. I am not too sure I want to 🙂

    Regarding the car, just before selling I washed and vaccummed the car and it looked awesome. 😦

    We got Mazda MPV mini-van (used) from one of my friend.

  4. I am going to dig my yahoo mail to see if I sent it from there :). This was pre-gmail days, sucks. I wish I hadn’t closed my hotmail account and abandoned it :). Cool, yeah, need a mini van.

    Acura to Mini Van – the joy of parenthood 🙂

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