Sculpture Lessons anyone?

I don’t mean to boast, but seeing that I have many multi-million dollar talents about me, it is a hard choice to let the world sail by, thinking I am a normal person who just enjoys the way I am.

We had a class in School titled S.U.P.W meaning Socially Useful Productive Work. The term evidently evolved over the ages seeing that the youth in schools were wasting time wandering around campus, chatting and planning practical jokes. Not at all giving any sense of comfort to the Teachers who were looking upon us as the torch bearers of the next generation and all that.

The students were social beings alright – why we couldn’t keep shut for five minutes even when in line! But there was a line drawn when it came to being useful. So, the educationists had to come up with making us socially useful. The problem was useful as we were, our efforts almost always weren’t productive. (Some harsh critics used the word unproductive.) That is how the authorities  decided that we have to buck up and do socially useful productive work.

I dabbled with various activities in my career, and the parental abode still bears the painful onslaught my creativity unleashed on it. You would find checkered beige coloured tables adorned with a blue tablecloth embroidered with pink, orange and red flowers. I have already remarked on the sweaters that the brother had to combat. Had my parents’ love for me been any less, these fine works of art would have jostled for space in the attic where all the inorganic trash reside in the home. But they did not – they “decorated” the house.

My diverse career in the Arts, among other things, included Sculpture. I made a statue. If we had digital cameras then, I would atleast have a picture of this eyesore. We used film prudently those days, and photographs were reserved for special occasions, and tried to cram in as many members in the vicinity as possible. Rare photographs have only 5 people in them. The long and short of it is, there are no photographs of this beauty. A pity.

My father came and saw it, and hemmed and hawed when I asked for it to be brought home. It was modeled after a lady reading. My mother even posed for me one day when I came home depressed. My statue was looking nothing like what I intended. She sat on the floor with her legs stretched out. I realise now that nobody reads like that. Do you sit with your legs outstretched, sitting at right angles with no back for support and read with your feet sticking up at right angles? No. But that is what my statue did.

I call it a cruel cut of fate, one that set me back by at least 104.3 million dollars had this masterpiece made it to the great annals of art. This goes to prove that the right place at the right time makes a world of a difference. Please read this link to see the news item about this particular statue by Monsieur Giaccometti fetching 104.3 million dollars.

Image below.

I am no connoisseur, but this eyesore would have given stiff competition to mine. If this was worth $104300000, I don’t know what mine would have fetched.

Anyway, life goes on despite these scars, and I look on the positive side as always. Anyone needing Sculpture lessons can contact me, since Monsieur Giacometti is no more.

11 thoughts on “Sculpture Lessons anyone?”

  1. “checkered beige coloured tables adorned with a blue tablecloth embroidered with pink,”
    Not only you influenced your parents art choice but color choices for each and every chair in your house 🙂

    I heard about 104M but did not see the pic. Definitely not walking with that man 🙂

  2. We had something called Crafts classes, social about it, just homemade baskets , a pin one for groceries,blue one for bills and one what I would call a tote….
    After reading about your erect,legs wide sculpture, I can see the artist in you, Saumya. 🙂

  3. thats cool! my friend gave me a statue that looked exactly like that. now that you mention that its not natural to sit like that while reading, it makes sense why I always felt it was kind of odd.

    1. Bookworm 🙂 IF only I’d held onto the statue, my grandchildren could’ve benefitted. Most of these works are valued more after the artists death right?!

  4. I like the way you write! :–)

    I think the same goes for paintings no, I can never understand why modern art is so overpriced. Just some random strokes.. and they cost so much!

  5. that movie, Kamal takes a scrap cloth and disfigures all of Prabu DEva’s paintings and calls them modern art. A lovely pic before suddenly becomes a horrible priceless piece of art.

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