Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Did you hear about the new Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara video? I headed on over to watch it – all a-twitter I must tell you. This song like “Hamara Bajaj” was a defining one for an entire generation.  Doordarshan played it over and over again, and I never once tired of it. My lips were ready to smile, and even had the angle set on them, I just had to spring it on when it started.  I was actually humming the song before starting the video.

Then it started.  Groan! I can’t say it was entirely bad, but I have a distinct preference for the old one. It has all the Bollywood/Collywood/Jollywood heavy weights, light dressers and banian-bicep shows that you can think of, and the tune s—s! The transitions felt jumpy even to me. I had to come scurrying back to find the old one – midway through the new one, for there was another aspect, the thing just went on and on, like people had nothing better to do. Well, maybe we don’t, but we’d like to retain the illusion we do.

I was really glad to see this video – the one that has tucked away good memories in my mind

This one delivered – even after all these years.  The seamless transitions, when the beat and language changes, are amazing.  So many people from different walks of life, different landscapes and languages.  It gave me goosebumps to feel the fabric of India as we knew it through that song again. Looking at the noticeably younger faces of Revathi, Hemamalini, Big-B, Mithun Chakra, Kamal, Lata Mangeshkar, some Cricket player (I forgot his name) etc, felt like looking through an old kaleidoscope.

I can forgive Doordarshan all those hours of “mourning” when someone died and  countless “Vayalum Vaazhvums” now that I saw this video again.

Update: I originally thought the unedited version got released by mistake, given that each one had their own ego trips and screen time where they could pick their abaswaram, and pet movie songs.

Also, no different walks of life concept at all – no Sports, no Science, no advances in IT. Nothing! This is like AB’s drawing room view of India and Five star hotel beaches. In a country full of throbbing hearts, every heart beat alone in the video – by the rocks, by the beaches. Unattached, desolate and painfully slowly.

18 thoughts on “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”

  1. I simply loved that few minutes of TV then and I still love that in youtube.
    A generation grown up on that song cannot easily accept the new as better one. But the sad part is new one does not try even.
    Unfortunately, the emphasis is more on individuals and not as a group.
    But I hope, the new generation is proud and defend their version 20-30 years from now.
    Happy Republic Day!

  2. Am yet to hear this. You tube doesn’t work at work.. 🙂 From what I have heard, no one seems to like it.
    Bhimsen Joshi’s voice is still resonating in my ears..

  3. I completely agree with you. Its like I can not forgive anyone who so much as tries to mess with the National Anthem, no matter how good the intention or the effort maybe!!

  4. OK, I listened to Part1 of the new one last night. Couldn’t find part2. Its a bit too long. There are some good tunes and some bad.
    Liked Rahman on his red carpet instrument. Salman – a big no no.. Could have just shown the deaf children ( a nice concept) without the khan.The music was very slow at some points , which made it totally out of tune with the rest.
    I think we like the old one better as we know the song and have been humming it all these days, most of the lines without even knowing the language 🙂 But, the new one is too long, even for the next generation to start humming it. That is the sad part.

  5. Shoba, I thought the same about deaf language and Salman (at least wear a shirt dude!)

    THey could have put more people in every scene instead of separate section for Aamir, Sharukh, Aish(2 of 1 with Abhishek) etc.

    Old one’s funding coming from Doordarshan (Govt) may be one of the reason for the diversity we saw there.

  6. The new song / cacophony completely missed Sur. It started with “I am always out of sur” Amitabh and went down really quick.

    The cricketer was Narendra Hirwani, btw.

    There was Ramanathan Krishnan, Venkatrahavan et al listening to a Balamurali Krishna with a head full of rich black dye.

    This one sucked, big time.

  7. Even more – No Sachin Tendulkar, no scientists. India is full of crowds man, and yet everybody seemed to be singing by themselves on a rock, or a bridge or something.

      1. And the crowd was looking elsewhere at the camera, thoroughly uninterested in Sonu Nigam and what he had to offer!

  8. I just got a chance to look at the full Phir Mele Sur.

    I agree its atrocious, with too much Bollywood. But I dont agree with some people raising hue and cry about Deepika Padukone appearing, and in western clothes. Why do people like to see such women in movies, but not in a patriotic songs? Isnt she an Indian? And regarding Western Clothes, whats with the partiality? We can wear western clothes but in a national integration song we cannot tolerate those? We want to protect our culture only in the integration song and not in real life? That sounds hypocritical to me.

    Anyway, I dont mean to say the song is well done or anything, its just the usual bad. I am just trying to play devils advocate here.

    But some of the points brought out by KrishAshok were soooo true!!! His piece is truly funny :–)

    1. I know! Krishashok’s piece is awesome. I don’t think people got offended with Deepika’s clothes because of its Western nature, I think they were offended by the lack of it. Even I thought it a bit jarring in a National Integration piece, like Salman Khan’s banians

      1. I don’t find Deepika pose or dress objectionable. I would have objected if we she wore sarees 🙂

        On a serious note, whoever conceptualized it did not do a good job. If it is catering the next-gen India, they should have focussed more on younger people from diversed background.

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