Rain, rivers and glaciers

California found itself in the eye of a storm. The storm has been pounding the daylight out of the state with no restraint. When I say daylight out of the state, I mean it. A quick walk at noon requires flashlights, raincoats and squashy boots.

Umbrellas that hitherto held their spokes up high now cower under the wrath of the skies.

A helpful illustration to drive home the point

This is the second umbrella of mine to suffer this fate. Umbrella sales have been brisk. Stores did not have time to run new price tags raising the price, and resorted to sticking ridiculous prices using scrap paper and licking the back of it for glue.

The rain water has become fast rivers and paper boats meet terrible fates. One tends to stop and muse about fast flowing rivers and slow flowing rivers and hardly flowing rivers. So, what does the world give to innocent ponderings such as this. The kind that could someday change the premise of the World? This.

The world has been mistakenly led to believe that all the glaciers in the Himalayas would melt by 2035.

Himalayan Glaciers Vanish

Bopa Uncle and Kreeta Aunty were enjoying the morning sun-rise from their porch house in Darjeeling. Bopa uncle always wanted to impress Kreeta Aunty and randomly pulled studies from his imagination with numbers that appealed to him. He went a bit overboard with the sun glinting and blurted out a bit dramatically perhaps, “By 2035, you take my word, by 2035, all the glaciers in the Himalayas will be gone.”

Kreeta Aunty did what was expected of her and gasped. Little did Bopa Uncle know that his jaunty boast would make it to the Times. So, while the angry skies have been trashing umbrellas and swaying trees, the world finds out that the whole thing about glaciers in the Himalayas was a fib all along.


6 thoughts on “Rain, rivers and glaciers”

  1. It is the Darjeeling Chai, I tell you…Tut..Tut.. πŸ™‚

    Wonder what Bopa uncle would say about the broken Umbrella? “If it rains cats and dogs, the umbrellas are going to be more expensive than cats and dogs.”

  2. I think this is the best (or worst) rain I have seen in Bay area in 10 years. I can definitely say that. (and hope it will come in Weather channel :))

  3. Wasn’t 2002 almost as bad? The electricity was cut off, and I remember getting up with determination at the end of one long dark, wet day to make bajjis, and was biffed because you can’t use the stove!

    1. The problem is – for these winds, only those grandfather umbrellas work, and they don’t fir in purses!

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