Happy Bird Feeding

Happy Pongal!

To all you bovine elements out there: Happy Cow Pongal!

To all you nature lovers who managed to celebrate Kanu: Happy Bird Feeding


Kanu Pongal is celebrated the day after Pongal and honours the animal kingdom. Women folk typically pray for the well-being of their brothers by feeding the crows.

How does this happen? Any ritual I try to explain comes out sounding ridiculous. I have the urge to learn now – why do we feed crows to make sure the brothers are fine? Maybe, it derived itself from “Kaka-puduchi-fying” – a term that roughly translates to ass-licking, though Kaka means crow.

I was trying to explain all of this to the usual suspect, my daughter who has never visited a village, and she chirps – “Oh, can I put food in the bird house I built?”

“No No No!” I stop her in alarm.

A little diversion for the bird house:

For those of you who don’t know, there is a jarring piece of art hanging in the name of a bird house in the garden. It is helpfuly labelled “Bird house”, lest you mistake it for a magic mansion.  To clarify the structure to the animals, it specifies in clear English that the bird house is for birds only. It does not say “No squirrels allowed”. I have never seen any squirrels there.  Come to think of it, I haven’t see any birds either. Putting all this together, we can reach a reasonable conclusion – squirrels know how to read, but the birds don’t.

Back to Kanu Pongal, my explanation of the Harvest festival came down to – “Keeping bird food on a leaf?” Please feel free to draw your own conclusions on my ability to teach.

A New definition in the New Year – not bad at all!

10 thoughts on “Happy Bird Feeding”

  1. “Keeping bird food on a leaf for the well-being of your brother?”
    So, is the brother in the form of a bird..Or do you call your brother a crow.

    You should have told her that she can put food in the bird house if and when she has a brother. I can imagine her answer. “Why don’t you feed the birds. You have a brother too…”

    1. Well…all this got her excited and she wanted to feed the birds. So, we have left food out in the garden. All brothers – be safe!

    1. Thanks Pallavi….she’s been asking for a dog! I’ve been telling her she can do whatever she pleases when she can take care of the animal!

      1. why do all mothers say the same thing??? 😦

        get a labardor.. she will love him/her the most friendly, no-fuss dogs…

        I WANT ONE TOOOOO!!!

  2. New definition of “Kanu pongal”. Logical thinking, my sis! But you know, you missed to point out one thing. If Keena puts food in her bird’s nest, there will be no problem to any of us but if you put food for the birds outside, we will be pulled up by the police. You decide which one you want
    1. two in one choice: We will be safe and also you did some good thing to your bro
    2. you know the consequence of the latter

  3. I am wondering what happened to the bird house and all the colors you guys poured on it (painted)

    “Kakka pudichyfying” – sounds interesting

  4. Thanks SK.
    Gaathi…. that bird house has paint inside the house too. So, you can imagine the food’s smell!
    Sri…the paint has smudged a little, making it look more artistic than ever.

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