Jesus Christ or Toast?

Happy New Year folks. 

Those of you who would like to jog your creativity a little bit, please head on to this link.

There are a number of bizarre photographs where people see Michael Jacksons and overwhelmingly Jesus Christ.  I called upon your reserves of creativity to spot the Jesus Christ or the Michael Jackson in the pictures. Going by the news item, any bearded face with a sallow look, would qualify as Jesus Christ!

Me? I just see pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. What can I say? It is lunch time.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Christ or Toast?”

  1. Just a skeleton look is MJ , skeleton with a beard is Jesus, skeleton with no features and a sort of hood is Mary. The logic is very simple.. LOL .. Actually, instead of the beard, if there were a trunk, I would call it Ganesh.

  2. Is Jesus not omnipotent? 🙂
    This reminds me of Keerthana saying that god moves from the place where we keep our feet. Rationale was, since god’s things (books etc.) can’t be touched with feet, god being omnipotent wll move a bit since he is aware of our leg/feet movement 🙂

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