Another decade?!

There are a bunch of writers whose creativity is like bottled champagne. POP! It will burst out, either in an ugly manner spilling the liq. all over your fingers, or perfectly beautifully, like a mellow upwards waterfall in its milky lather. You can decide for youself, where you want to place the writer of this piece of art.

Some odd duck is trying to get your goat. Playing possum won’t help.

This is what my horoscope for the day before the Disneyland trip read.

There are a number of ways to interpret this. I am a vegetarian, so, it could not be alluding to the variety in my diet. Though, that brings me to the question of whether human beings actually eat opossums.

Or could it be that some duck is trying to get me when I look like a goat. I don’t have a goatee exactly, but sometimes my protests sound like feeble bleats.

Maybe the horoscope was a precursor for the silly fun filled days to follow at Disneyland! I just have to schmooze my eyes in that wierd fashion and disney characters pop into my mind. Here, let me show you: *Wierd eyes*! I can see the Mickey ears on you right now! I don’t think anybody is too old for Disneyland, even when they look like goats and play possum.

Thank you Roy and Walt Disney for this legacy. I am not sure which is the greatest legacy of all time, but the ability to make people smile and forget their myriad worries certainly ranks way up high on my list.

Now, I read this news article that tells me we are going to have a blue moon on New Years Eve. Maybe, I get to play werewolf, while some otters try to get me, and playing hippogriff is not going to help!

The moon has always fascinated mankind – rightfully so. Such a beautiful celestial object, so tantalizingly close, yet so far. Have a go at the following quiz just for fun.

Wish you all a Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Another decade?!”

  1. Something about the non-linear way (just read a short story with similar format) of writing makes it fun to read. It creates layers and brings out different things I was thinking about to light.

    I think most of your blogs are very smooth and free flowing and fun to read. Whenever you force yourself to write about something it shows.

    You wrote a lot in 2009 and keep it going in 2010.
    (There are more readers than the comments suggest 🙂 )
    Happy new year!

  2. Hey NourishandCherish, I too was in Disneyland last week of December!

    Remember me? I did not know you moved to wordpress and missed out on your blog posts because I was still stuck with your RSS feeding into my google reader.

    Anyway, I am trying out this new idea, that I call zeole. Zeoling is like blogging, but helps us target our readers better and have a much better reach. Please give it a shot and let me know at

  3. SK 🙂 No worries, now you know and you can put up an informative post on the moon later!

    Kid: Thanks for stopping by agan. Will check out Zeole soon.

    I may have seen you at Disneyland – were you the one wearing the mickey ears?!

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