This Day That Age

This day that age.

“You know what?” the words barely left my smiling lips, when I had the attention that any teacher would kill to have from just one student in his class. I was flustered. I would have to admit it was embarrassing to have somebody pay this much attention to my words. After all, most times I was trying to get the selective hearing dad and the don’t care-unless-its-sports brother to listen to something. Most attempts were feeble bleats erupting every minute for several hours. And then start afresh again after a bite of the energizing and sometimes impressively finish with a grand finale before somebody twitched a ear in my direction. When this sentence (I know, that was barely a sentence!), was met with an impressive

“Yes tell me” with the body leaning forward, I was taken aback. The face glowed with appreciation, and I found I had forgotten what I really wanted to say. Just the warmth of the reception to my sentiments were enough to soothe the soul. I hastily ushered the fellow in to my favourite ice-cream store with gratitude and bought him a rather impressive banana fudge ice-cream. What’s more I presented him with a hideous tie (with love!)

Turns out the fellow doesn’t like ice cream, and seldom wore ties. So, we decided to get married.

My husband – this day that age.

This day this age

“You know what?” I hollered at the breakfast table. *Ignore*
A minute later: “You know what?”
“Huunh?” or similar sounding grunt. IT’s hard to reproduce, and a lapse into some important program on TV

If ever there was a soul of determination, that’s me. As many times as this happened, I never quit saying “You know what?” I finished at an impressive 8 times before I decided to throw in the towel. I threw my hands up in desperation and sighed for good measure. That did it.

“Huh…..what?” said the husband turning towards me. His eyes glazed, his mind still wandering in the meaningless forest of the previous advertisement selling fresh juice from the mushy murks of some godly place. I gave up.

“Never mind, I forgot what I wanted to say”, I said.
“Oh okay”

Since both times I forgot what I really wanted to say, it can’t have been that important!

5 thoughts on “This Day That Age”

  1. Happy 8th year anniversary Sweet heart!
    Now I am really curious about what is that you wanted to say to me …:)

  2. 🙂 Brilliant! Cant tell you how much I can empathize with you … I find myself in the luckiest of circumstances when "he" does not have a laptop, i-phone (Oh My God), Popular Science mag or TV around! 🙂

    Hey is it your anniversary? Wishes! It is our 7th wedding anniv today btw :-).

  3. Hey …. Happy Anniversary Archana 🙂

    It is not our anniversary – it is our meet-i-versary (the first time we met)

  4. Meet-i-versary !!
    I suppose you guys met in Saumya's house on this day !! From what I remember, Sri described Saumya as a girl who talks well…Hmmm..Now, I know!

    Enna Romance.a?Sweet heart..??

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