Festival Time ?!

Festivals are for a time of harmony. The old family spirit, the smiling pictures – the “totadoin” music in the background. Yet, I am still waiting to witness one festival where the mother of the household is not looking like a frazzled lump with a ready lampoon hoisted at the end of a javelin stick waiting to scorch through your insides if you don’t make way for the steam engine(that’s her) while the vadai is being fried, and before the appam needs to be turned over.

By the time, the family sits down for the meal, several feathers are ruffled, there has been at least one meltdown, especially if it involves smart-aleck daughters. Then, there is the whole post-meal sensation where the outlines of the layers of intestine have merged into an amalgamation of jaggery, oil, butter, vegetable oil, turmeric, a large shipment of rice with lentils washed down with curd. The final slurp does it.

Now, after a bustling 4 hour ordeal to whip up a meal such as this, one would expect to push the chair backward long enough for it to creak and stretch into a raised bed. What we would really look forward to doing is gently massaging the stomach area. It would help if somebody could do the same with your hair and play some lullabies. OH NO!

The bustling mother is now bustling at 80% speed owing to the bulk of food still occupying the abdominal area, but she bustles all the same. The dishes need to be cleared away, the dirty dishes washed, the remaining sweets tucked away….

Why? I ask you why? Why do these festivals have to be this way? Take Krishna for example, is he going to refuse to step into a house where gulab jamuns are missing from the list below?
Krishna Jayanthi:

  • Seedai
  • Patta Naada
  • Theratti Paal
  • Aval
  • Kunzhi aapam
  • 7 cup cake
  • Vadai
  • Payasam

In my opinion, we would be doing ol’ Ganesha a favour by reducing his calorie intake instead of this:
Vinayaka Chathurthi:

  • Vadai
  • Payasam
  • Aval
  • Kunzhi aapam
  • Modakam

But as always, the genii of the world go unheard….

PS: This is also my 200-th post.

7 thoughts on “Festival Time ?!”

  1. I feel for women folks who toil by default.
    For me, ideal would be to have some snacks on special occasion with everyone in the family sharing the load

  2. @ Brainwaves,
    No words, action please…

    @ Saumya,
    Really !! How dare you , or rather, the steam engine? Ganesha gets only five whereas Krishna gets seven!!Tut..Tut..

  3. Survivor: AS you can imagine, the steam engine is upset because there was no gulab jamun for Krishna and no sweet for Ganesha!

  4. Oh yes….the murukku and vellai seeday. No wonder K kept looking for Lord Krishna and did ot find him there.

  5. To be honest, after having grown up with all this, I feel like Krishna or dear Ganesha are going to punish me if I did not make all this!!!This year, I was busy somewhere on Krishna s bday but made some stuff for Ganesha!!! I was feeling a little weird facing Krishna!!!!

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