The Chilli Effect

Green chillies always bear the brunt of a sore person’s temper at the food table and rightfully so in my opinion. There are certain cooks and cook’s assistants who cut all the vegetables and the chillies in exactly the same dimensions. While I like to see vegetables cut a certain way, there are certain types, especially chillies that I like to see stick out! It is also for this reason, that I don’t take endearingly to the chilli hidden in the omelet or the oothappam. That to me is guerilla warfare.

When I am having lunch, you can visualize a person who stuffs food in the opening where usually the mouth resides. One day if my nose were to shift downwards, I would be in a sorry state indeed. I gape at the computer screen, and immerse myself in the mundane-surfing routine that my lunch time allows me to do.

So, you can safely assume that I am not on a chilli-weeding routine while tackling my lunch. I might catch a peek of the dangerous thing if I were expecting it, but the hiding in batter/egg variety freaks me out. One minute, I am stuffing the faithful mouth, and the next I am shooting up from my seat with the green from the chilli and the red from the taste coursing through my veins and bursting forth in pink spurts on my face. My nose inexplicably starts watering and so does my mouth. When the nose and mouth do that, the eye feels the compelling need to keep them company and before you know it, you have liquid leaking from all the open pores in the face. I feel my ears turn beetroot, my tongue refusing to quiet down, my hand reaches for the tissue – one for the eyes and another for the nose, because obviously once can’t do for both.

I once read somewhere that drinking hot water quietens your tongue quickly. Nope – now you have the hot water and the burning to deal with! Sugar doesn’t help either. And no, I don’t think honey with warm water would help. What would? Time perhaps.

3 thoughts on “The Chilli Effect”

  1. I never understood my father’s insistence of eating curd with crushed green chilli OR eating whole black pepper that was peppered generously in pongal as a kid. But as I grew older, I am doing the same. This post just brought back those memories.

    And also, I remember my grand father getting hiccups as soon as he eats chilli and family members getting upset (he was old and dependent on them by then) by the hiccups.

    All the linking can be attributed to Monday morning (fresh) mind… give me 2 days and I will comment “Good/Nice blog” 🙂

  2. I am one of those who likes to put chillies (green ones) in the food inevitably even knowing that they might make it spicy. If it is not spicy what is the fun? He he … This comes from the same person who used to fight with mom everyday for putting hot green chillies in food or chutneys …I guess we cant help our genes!

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