Business Ventures

When I was growing up, my father harped on three business ventures:

1) Seven Star Saree Center

2) Anand cycle mart

3) Bama tuition center

Seven Star Saree Center: This venture originated in the endless love of Indian women for clothes. His plan was to have sarees from 7 major brands in the store (Garden Vareli, Calico …. I forget the remaining brands) He spent endless hours designing the showroom (the showroom design and his ideal house design somehow merged in the designs, and I am sure had it been put to paper, it would have looked like a five star hotel that doubled up for a shop or a house)

State of project: Somehow the sizzle for this died down, but not without running its course of a decade worth of “planning”.

Anand cycle mart: This venture was planned because of the high expectations set by my brother with respect to his academic ambitions as a boy. He drew far greater pleasure in tinkering with his cycle than in sitting with a textbook. The brother is a gadget-junkie, and used to fiddle around with anything new. I still tease him that he must have started concentrating on the academic front only when he realised that his income as a cycle mechanic was not going to pay for all his fancy gadgets.

State of project: Thankfully, this business venture plan was put to rest in a few years time, when my brother became a chartered accountant.

Bama Tuition Center:

(Creative title origin: first 2 letters from Mother and father’s first name)

State of project: I regret to inform you that this venture even now sporadically raises its head in our home, but by and large the frequency has come down from everyday to every month or so.

I have my share of business ventures too. I wanted to start a potato supply business when I worked at Infosys. The seeds of thought were planted in the fact that almost every dish at the Infy canteen had a generous serving of potatoes. Masala dosa, aloo poori, potato bonda – you name it, and there would be some portion of it containing potatoes.

State of project: Abandoned when I moved away from the Infy Bangalore campus

Tea Stall at BART:This, I know, is a sure shot! You see, 80% of BART commuters in the Fremont line are desis. Please tell me who would hesitate to buy a few bondas/bajjis in the way home after a tiring day and journey.

State of Project: Current, meaning discussions still rampant

I am sure everyone has some crazy escape mechanism to think of when evaluating one’s own life. Let’s hear all your fantasies.

4 thoughts on “Business Ventures”

  1. Hmm, fantasies.

    Run a B&B in a photographically beautiful wilderness area :), I talk about this about once every 2-3 weeks.

    PS: I quit my job last week, starting next month, I am going to be unemployed, now that is going to be fun.

  2. Belive me in Malaysia, we saw one such shop on the way back to the main metro station. We also had our break fast with few vadai and idali 🙂 Not a bad idea

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