A new pair of Jeans

To the rest who did not know! I am wearing a new pair of jeans.

Though new clothes don’t exactly require an occasion anymore, I am still a little girl when it comes to wearing new clothes. I love them. When we were growing up, new clothes were worn only on festivals, birthdays etc. I remember my birthday falling close to Diwali, and both occasions being satisfied with one set of clothes. To this date, I exhibit a certain reluctance to release new clothes without an occasion.

Regardless, I wore a new pair of jeans without any occasion, and as I was running towards the station, some friendly stranger called me, and told me I looked really good in my jeans. “Thanks!” I beamed, before realising how on earth she knew. For one thing, there is little way of telling whether a pair of jeans are new, they all look the same. Could it be the glow on my face?! I had run a little ahead before it struck me – I must have forgotten to remove one of those infernal tags! I had removed three of them, but had forgotten the fourth.

So, there it is for the rest of the world who did not know – I wore a new pair of jeans today! Glad to have got that of my chest šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “A new pair of Jeans”

  1. You are much better. I have to threaten my new wife (3-4 yrs back) that I will give it to charity if she doesn’t wear it within 3 months of purchase šŸ™‚

    Someone has to analyze and tell why we get so embarassed if someone point out these kind of day-to-day things.

  2. Hey! I know what a new pair of jeans feels like. I bought one recently and I have been wearing it like everywhere! In that case I am a little different from you, I have to wear new clothes the very first day after buying them … he he :-).

    And about the tag, yeah, that was hilarious!

  3. Been there, done that :-(! Tags absent-mindedly left on shirt, on jeans, on skirt – you name it.

    Ah, the feeling of wearing a good fitting pair of jeans! My pair of wonder jeans has almost gone to pieces now – I have still not found a replacement :-(!

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