Lakshmi Devi

It is Navarathri, and I can imagine the festive frenzy in India now. Lakshmi Puja and Saraswathi Puja will be performed in every single home. Come to think of it, even now, I always put a coin in a purse (even if empty and stowed).

I was musing on these very thoughts on my way back from lunch, and stopped in my tracks at a seemingly normal gesture. Two men, dressed in business casuals and evidently working in the city, threw their one-cent coins on the street, like people sometimes throw trash, and moved on with not even a second glance. I was somehow disturbed. Why could he not have given to the numerous homeless? Or simpler still, dropped the cash in the donation jar kept almost at every counter?

I hesitate to throw out usable clothes, and try my best to donate them whenever possible. I guess our thinking is just ….well “different”!

4 thoughts on “Lakshmi Devi”

  1. Yes, I am missing this time a lot too. This Navratras going into Diwali and then into Christmas n New Year, is all so wonderful. It’s so dull here.

    Happy navratris to you! 🙂

    And by the way you have been tagged

  2. I have some kind of money in each of the purses I own too :-))!

    I have big collections of pennies at home. I hardly ever use them – but you are right, throwing pennies every time I got some would never have occured to me as an option!

  3. “I hesitate to throw out usable clothes”

    Finally somebody is like me. Since being a guy, and therefore not interested in silky stuff, I kind of tend to cling on to my most comfortable shorts/T-shirts, which my mom would beg me to give away. I mean, if I feel good in my clothes, and they are serving the purpose, why to throw it? -> (yes, I am an engineer)

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