Bladders and Airlines

I was reading DilbertBlog on the stifling airport procedures and couldn’t help this post! A fortnight ago, we had been to Alaska with friends. Apart from losing a small perfume bottle to airport security, I emerged unscathed.

Beyond the security gates lies a hungry explorer’s haven. Pretty soon, we were tucking into a dish from every restaurant. I’ll spare you the details of our mastication, but suffice it to say that we were stuffed beyond belief. That was the time I got pondering on pants with extendible button loops. (I shall save this for another post)

To settle the turbulence in our stomachs before our red-eye flight, we bought a large bottle of water. We neared the gate, and guess what? No bottled water aboard. The whole thing ticked my friend off in no small manner, and he insisted we finish the water before boarding the flight. Don’t ask me why we humoured him, but we did! We drank, and drank till we had to force a bathroom break to make more room for more water. We boarded throwing out the empty bottle, and taking in the full bladder.

At this point in the narration, I would like the reader to take note that airline seats don’t function well with squirming passengers. Pretty soon, we had frowning passengers with all the creaking of the seats. The seat belt sign was still on, and the bladder was sending urgent signals to relieve the built-up tension in the there. Barely had the seat belt sign turned off, when we made a beeline for the loos. Once inside, the slow and steady release of tension was sheer bliss (to be experienced to comprehend the full extent of relief!)

Sometimes, security measures don’t consider the irrationality of folks drinking up a gallon of water before boarding, and that’s why it is so inconvenient!

8 thoughts on “Bladders and Airlines”

  1. Was a funny one, I never drink water or even carry it during travel for “those” very reasons.

    I try to satisfy myself by the 1/4 glass of water the airlines folks provide filled up to half with ice, with those artificial smiles as if they were doing some social service. If it were not for “those” reasons, I could curse them all the while!

  2. I am sure your friend had your best interests in mind too when insisting on finishing the full bottle of water ‘coz you do get dehydrated when flying in planes.

    Have you tried going to the toilet when they are serving food.Firstly, you have to give your lunch tray to the neighbour(assuming you have found a nice,friendly one), then you would have to grace the passengers with an apologetic smile , dodge the trolleys on the way .Sometimes, you get stuck midway….Geesh!!

  3. Hey Saums,

    Alaska! Good for you. Did you manage to spot any whales? Well I have been inspired to start filling up my blog after I found it was gathering a virtual cobweb.

    Will be in the US for 3 weeks in mid Oct. Hope to speak to you then! Cheers!

  4. Archana: Hi-five! That’s what I usually do, till Grrrr….

    Well….Meera, I guess we humoured him coz of the large “drink” he consumed! what say?!

    Survivor: If Laurel and Hardy were alive today, I am sure we would have had a movie out of the 2 dodging the lunch carts on the way:)

    Ganna: Look forward to hearing from you. Are you going to be coming to CA at least this time around?

  5. Funny blog Saumya.

    You guys wouldn’t imagine how long the “let us drink the water bottle” slogan went on!

    To nullify our “friendly” torture, I went and checked with the attendent. There were people carrying pizzas and that is fine..and simple, transperent water bottle bought inside the secured area, NO NO…
    Common non-sense I guess!

  6. Who put this latest comment in? I certainly did not. Yet my name appears. Dude: think how it looks when somebody sees me congratulating myself on the good blog! Goofy!!!!

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