The Kitchen – Part 2

The parents left last week leaving me to raid the kitchen pantry to assess inventory levels, come up with reorder lists etc. No more of asking for grocery lists and shopping for them on the way back from wherever I went.

So, I snuck in there wearing my ‘Back to Work’ expression, lighted a few scented candles to keep me company and throw me light and joy and all that. It was so close to Diwali after all. I must tell you, the brain felt a bit dim like wanting to curl up with a good book and coffee. However, work is first and I persevered.

I remember the mother running a factory in there a week before she left. Give her a festival like Diwali and throw in a few grandkids and that is all she needs. She was set to run away with the menu and make twelve different types of snacks. I had to put up a valiant fight and stop her at (one moment, I am counting) eight. Good Lord! She made EIGHT different snacks in 5 days and I ate them all. No wonder I feel like I have a tractor in my stomach. I told her not to knock herself out. Sigh. I really am not as efficient as I think am I?

The Exotic Flavors
The Exotic Flavors

Anyway, back to inventory management, I noticed several different kind of flours and powders that I don’t even know the use for. Apparently, they are what gave flair and flavor to whatever I so gratefully ate in the past few months, For instance, I now have about 4 pounds of rice flour in the kitchen (I rattled my brain and found that I might use about 100 gms of rice flour in all the recipes I knew)

What am I supposed to do? Give a person a problem like this and it could have them flummoxed for days on end. Not me. I have always been known to be a problem solver. So, I deftly picked up the rice flour, and all the other packets that looked alien to me and threw it into the freezer. It can be dealt with when the matriarchs visit next, or if I find the expiry date has been reached before then.

If, in the meanwhile, anyone has recipes for using rice flour in a risk-free, short and easy manner, please shoot them recipes to me.

16 thoughts on “The Kitchen – Part 2”

  1. I’ll search for some recipes and pass it on if they work for me. That’ll also help me finish off the rice flour I have in my inventory at home. 😛

    Off the top of my head, Akki rotti is a nice recipe. Haven’t made that from a while. I’ll prepare it for breakfast and this sat and send some nice snaps as well with the recipe.

  2. hahahaha………..saums addon to ur flour list u get urad dhal powder from a nearby indian store and make 3by1 ratio of idly and urad powder and make nice idly batter and this way ur rice flour will be over soon without much of pain and struggle for u!!!!!!!!11

      1. definitely yes but what kind of rice matters. if it is raw rice then go for dosa batter(5:1), if idly rice flour(4:1). tell me if it works.
        if u give me that much raw rice flour i would surely go for murukku or ompodi as my kids love it so much…..

  3. Enh, which child cares! Some of them have to concentrate on 80 mk test paper!! BTW, I suggest you better start thinking fast because Siddarth is coming (or has come) and let me tell you,he gets hungry…likes to try new stuff!
    your neice,

  4. The first thing that came to mind was Moorkoozhu! I LOVE it (probably the only sticky food that I so dearly savor). But since you shot it down, If u still have the 4lbs around, I would suggest pakodam..verim arisi adai…sevai should be easy too. Just steam some balls of it and gut them down a naazhee….

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