RIP Mr. Bharathan

In the days of yore, kings and queens vied with each other to send their children to study in the Ashram nestled among Eucalyptus groves and blue hills. The rain filled clouds were said to induce the human condition to be inspired and to inspire alike. In that ashram lived a quiet, unassuming man the princes and princesses loved. Apparently, he could make a mere child soar like a kite, fly through a roaring fire toughening them to battle fire-breathing dragons later in life and stand upside down on a pyramid of people. It was rumored that when he threw a disc, it could slice through the air with a sound of a thundering Astra.

All year long, the disciples practised and when the kings and queens came to watch, they were amazed at what their young could achieve. The teacher was really making children jump through hoops of fire, stand upside down on a pyramid of people and running with them wearing immaculate white as they stood in formation for a gymnastics performance.

ring of fire

This man was none other than dear Mr Bharathan, our Physical Education teacher. He was a pleasant, contented man and most importantly, he was always there for and with us on the field. He was there urging you to run a little harder, bend over backwards just a little bit more than you thought possible during gymnastics, play badminton with you, or check out your bruised ankle.

He was an excellent companion on the blue-school-bus rides. He sat through the exuberance of winning a tournament smiling and listening to us singing songs of victory. He was also there for us through the quiet rides back home after being beaten badly by a rival team, with a nod signaling that all was not over yet: with strategy and more work, there was a possibility of a comeback.

He imbibed the ‘Never Give In’ spirit as only a true sportsman could. Thank You Sir for all you have done for generations of Lawrencians. We will miss you, as we practise what you taught us all those years ago in the Sports field, in our everyday lives. May your soul rest in peace.

6 thoughts on “RIP Mr. Bharathan”

  1. That was extremely touching! I’m choking up, thinking of him now. I still remember the white wash in football, but all through it, he was positive and urged us on, even if it was only to get the ball past the half line!

    1. There are so many people in our lives that we wish we can spend some more time with. Ever since I heard the news, I have been thinking of not only him, but of all the positive influencers in my life. We can only hope and pray that our children will grow up amidst equally caring and motivated people.

  2. Definitely you were blessed to grow up amidst such a lovely teachers . You wont believe saumya,i never played with my phys. ED teacher in my schooldays. its only a namesake we had teachers who were very well paid. Throughout my school days I never learnt even single game from school.
    I pray to god that atleast my kids shouldn’t get such inspirers in their life!!!!

    1. True Nandhini : I know many people with similar experiences like you. I was lucky and blessed. My teachers, for the most part, were caring, loving people who were genuinely interested in our lives. I thank God for that.

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