Of Whales, Monkeys and Bindis

I know what I am about to say can be taken the wrong way. But are we really better than whales or monkeys?

For a people that prides itself on its culture and spends hours touting its alleged superiority, Indians seem to have come in behind whales and monkeys when it comes to embracing more people into our culture. I can’t tell you the number of times the Indian cultural police have hit the headlines complaining about the influence of the Western culture on the modern youth. Yet, when the modern w. youth does adopt one of the Indian cultural practices, what did they do?

I am referring, of course, to a slightly dated story on Selena Gomez sporting a bindi. I spent a good portion of my life being pulled up by random aunts, uncles, not to mention my dear mother about not sporting a bindi.

This cartoon sums up the Bindi troubles of any South Indian Brahm lass (Got this from http://tambrahmrage.tumblr.com/ – I tried to find the link to this post, but couldn’t. Luckily I had sent it for laughs within my family a while ago)


pottu yenga

So, I expected the news that Selena Gomez was wearing one to strengthen their position. I mean, all they had to say was: “It is even fashionable, you still don’t want a bindi?”

I expected the Indian c.police to namaste-her, make an example of her and what not. What they proceeded to do, instead, was ask her to learn of the deep cultural ramifications of the bindi and enlightened folks like me about how it is not a fashion accessory.


I can see your eyebrows shooting past the bindi mark now.


Well, the news item I read had nothing to do with bindis. It has to do with how these species learnt cultural behaviors from one another and adapted to changing conditions. Bringing more to the fold was critical to adaptation.


Clearly, we are lacking there. Also, it was just cool to link the cultural adaptations of monkeys, whales and humans.

That also correlates with this study where Indians ranked near the very bottom of the pile of folks surveyed, they would much rather live near themselves than welcome racial ethnicity. Even when they wear bindis.


And so it goes ….

11 thoughts on “Of Whales, Monkeys and Bindis”

    1. I am surprised that is the case in today’s world though. You know? WE are ready to do business with the world over because it means more prosperity but …. oh well!

  1. That Selena Gomez incident was so irritating… she should have have given all these people the middle finger flip!

  2. Ola :–) Ugh I can totally get it. It is good to see people are lookig at the funny side of it, I just plainly get offended lol. (This is regarding the bindi comment)

  3. To be fair, the entire Selena Gomez critic was some random dude who probably wanted attention and he did get it… I am not sure if it can be generalized about Indians… At least, the elders that i know of are genuinely happy to see ‘foreigners’ embracing Indian food or dress (culture is a strong term here)…

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