The Knee Scooter

I have always been a loving aunt and have prided myself in the fact that I love being around children. This time, the nephews and nieces seemed extra nice around me. At first, I deluded myself into believing that they were sympathetic towards me and my broken leg. But it turns out that while they love their aunt like an aunt, they loved my knee scooter better than any toy they’ve seen.


I often muse on our purpose on this Earth. I wonder how we will know whether what we make of our lives is meaningful or not. The knee scooter has provided me with deep philosophical answers.

You see? This simple aid has been a boon of sorts. I broke my foot a few months ago and am still hobbling around on a boot(cast). I was advised the use of crutches to not put any weight at all on the foot. My resolve to bear the injury stoically crumbled faster than some dried up cookies on my counter-top. Three days into using the crutches, I found myself weeping at the hopelessness of it all. My arms hurt from the crutches and I could not run behind my toddler baby to get simple things done. That is when one of the children in my neighborhood came and told me about this knee scooter. A contraption that can be used to move around without putting any weight on the foot. The husband got me access to one quickly enough and I must say, I whooped with joy!

The knee scooter was amazing and helped me perform most of my duties as normally as possible. In fact, I even undertook a trip to India and Dubai using it. Many people thought me nuts. In fact, my own family thought I’d become a salted walnut. I realized that it is not easy to travel halfway across the globe with a toddler in tow when one’s foot is broken. Most people would have cancelled without a second thought. Well…I am not most people, and went anyway (with some ‘subtle’ encouragement from the husband and daughter of course).

knee 1

I tried to find the inventor of the knee scooter, but it is not easy to find. Nevertheless, the person (or team) who invented it, or even helped conceptualize it in one way or the other, has led a purposeful life. The beauty of it is that they may not even know it. It is not a very popular contraption. The medical team at the hospital I got treated in did not tell me about it. They gave me crutches. If doctors tell their patients about knee scooters, patients could try to obtain one on their own even if insurance doesn’t cover the cost for it.

While I was scooting my way in Dubai one day, a Doctor came up to me and introduced himself as an Emergency Physician. He’d noticed my boot and asked me what I was using to move along. When I told him all about the knee scooter, I was surprised to hear that he had not seen one like it. He vowed to make enquiries to make knee scooters available for patients in the Middle East. To me, that one conversation was well worth the trip.

That and the large number of people who saw me forge ahead with a knee scooter. I hope they will remember seeing something that alleviated a person’s distress with a broken foot. If my trip abroad can help even a few people with foot injuries, I think the trip was a success. An unconventional one maybe, but a successful one.

11 thoughts on “The Knee Scooter”

  1. OMG! Hope your foot is better now. Your trip sure was a successful one. Kudos to you travelling half way around the globe with an injured foot and a toddler!
    Knee scooter is a superb idea. Sad it hasn’t got the required attention but now that you have started a campaign with self-use and this online post, I am sure more people have taken notice and the idea will spread soon. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard about it and it certainly is something that more and more people need to know about. Hope your foot is recuperating fast.

  3. I didnt know that you were still strugging with your foot .. I thougt you would have recovered. You are one of the optimistic person that I had ever seen.

  4. What a great story. Thank you for sharing so that other know that they don’t need to be condemned to crutches. I can answer who invented the knee scooter. It was first patented by a company in Delaware named Roll-a-bout. The first turning model was patented by Sharlynn Ramm in Washington State. I’m President of the largest distributor of crutch alternatives in the US. If you are interested in guest blogging, I’m sure readers would appreciate you r insights. Happy Healing – Tom Schwab, Goodbye Crutches

  5. Walkers for seniors with Seat
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    1. Hi Xavier – the site has different models – I would suggest trying it out for your height and weight specifications. Also, it is a good idea to see the softness of the seat on which your knee would rest. Hope you leg gets better soon,

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