Will Macedonian Job Listing Interest Korean Elephant?

I’ve read through a fair share of job listings. I remember looking in the Indian newspapers as a girl, hoping to find some hidden gems of novelty, and was almost always rewarded. If nothing else came up, there was at least the seedy lawyer asking for someone to be employed in some capacity and almost always had a combination of the words: prosecuting, witness, clerk, short-hand, typing etc. in legalese. (Lawyer offices are incapable, by design, of simple sentences and take pride in complicating things.)

However, I must say this Macedonian minister takes the cake. He wants to employ certified genii as assistants. He would not settle for any IQ scores below a 140 it seems. Apparently, the intelligent minister has not stopped to ponder about why a person endowed with an IQ of more than 140 would want to work as his assistant.


Maybe, somebody would be kind enough to send him Koshik’s resume for the position if Koshik is interested.


macedonian minister

Who is Koshik? Well, he is an elephant in a Korean zoo.


Koshik is astounding scientists there with his intelligence. Koshik can utter more than a few words in Korean, and is evidently picking up human speech patterns.

The question, of course, is whether the Macedonian Minister will he have the IQ enough to understand what the elephant is telling him?

8 thoughts on “Will Macedonian Job Listing Interest Korean Elephant?”

  1. My IQ is 141 – does that make me over qualified??? oot hsilgne drawkcab wonk i. There that’s 2 foreign languages – well I don’t know Macedonian – but that shouldn’t be a problem right???

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