The Power of a Sorry

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was visiting her grandmother in the village. The village was a beautiful place and she had many friends. There was only problem that reared its head every so often: she hated to apologize. Having to admit she was sorry for what she had done was so dour to her existence that her grandmother decided on out-of-the-box techniques to make things easier for her. When she stalked off with her nose in the clouds and a pout big enough to scare the cat, her grandmother told her, “You don’t have to say ‘Sorry’, just tell me what your mother is wearing.”

Ha! But the little girl was too smart for that, she answered resolutely in Tamil, “PODAVAI! You think I will say ‘SAREE’? ”

Looks like my grandmother’s trick would not have worked on Scott Forstall either. He was ousted from Apple after refusing to sign a apology or taking responsibility for the poor quality of the maps on iOS.

It looks like Mr Forstall learned from his company though:

The UK court rejected Apple’s apology to Samsung as ‘not an apology’. Ha!

PS: For all those smart people out there, who think they know the little girl; I am not the little girl in the story above (Just saying)

15 thoughts on “The Power of a Sorry”

  1. Okay….okay….I am the little girl!!! And my husband would gladly tell the world the little girl became a big girl but still can’t say sorry!!! He usually finishes this proclamation with ‘Damn all the Leos’!!! It is not my fault, people!!! It is the problem with my zodiac sign!!!

  2. Ah! if not for the comment above I would have thought the little girl was you(inspite of the disclaimer at the end). ‘Saree mishtake became wrong’ 😛

  3. “thavalai than vayal kedum” – Why Jayashree why? The whole world would have thought it is Saumya. 🙂 But, I am sure Saumya was equally stubborn. 🙂

  4. Ah! This rings a bell. I remember Jayashree gleefully singing “Sorry Boori, Kuppaethotti Lorry” – gives you the insight into her sorry opinion of an apology – doesn’t it???/

  5. Akka, I’m Leo too. But I say sorry thousands of time (lets say per month :-). Thapi thavari Leo ah porandhutano??

    Coming to Apple, Who wants his apology??!!!! Apple has earned millions from Samsung with their patents. Ruthless apple!! They should get money from apple not the apology!

      1. Of course I’m a great fan. Fan of apple PRODUCTS not for apple’s evil business mind!!!

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