Handler in trouble?

The world is agog with the fact that His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_harry) otherwise known as Prince Harry .. er .. erred.

I have no problems with Prince Harry making a public spectacle of himself. If that is what he wants, so be it. The man is 27 years old and if he chooses to dance naked in front of some girls in Las Vegas when they have their cell-phones out for clicking pictures in the middle of the night, so be it.

My problem is that his ‘handlers’ are in trouble for this indiscretion. Does a 27 year old need a ‘handler’ to tell him that imitating inebriated babboons is not a good idea.


Even a prince should get that. Right?

2 thoughts on “Handler in trouble?”

    1. Oh that is another thing I never understood. Apparently Sun Mirror in the UK decided to print the eyesore’s naked pictures because they made a good journalistic call. Print the story – tell everyone what he did, that is a oood journalistic call – what purpose will the actual pictures serve?

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