Dads At Disney: DAD

There is a dull resignation when you mention Disneyland to the husband. A few years earlier, he would protest vehemently when you broach the topic of another trip. The reaction has watered down over the years. Initially, he was only up against me, the Disney lover. Then, the daughter joined the Disney lovers’ group of the family circle. I am glad to say that we added another member on our most recent trip to Disneyland. The son loved gawking at the sights and dancing to the music. He gulped in the sights and clapped even when he had to fight sleep to do so or get up in between to clap.

The children were lucky enough to spend Father’s Day at Disneyland with their beloved father. There we were, ride after ride, attraction after attraction on a hot summer’s day. I must say that after the initial resistance to Disneyland, the husband rises to the occasion. Disney spins its magic and wraps him round. He transforms into a strategizing monster when it comes to Disneyland.

We had been to Disneyland with the visiting neices and the Fathers were caught catching a quick rest! The poor men had spent the bulk of the day pushing their children around on strollers, running from one place to another, buying ice-cream after ice-cream and of course carrying the little ones in turn.

Disneyland on Father’s Day was amazing. We had fathers’ wearing hilarious t-shirts.
One said DADD: Dads Against Daughters Dating.
Another family had planned their clothing to say:
Dad: Father of all Things
Mom: Mother of all Things
They had three children who wore t-shirts:
Thing 1
Thing 2
Thing 3
They looked so wonderful posing for pictures.

We had what we call an efficient trip. We attacked more attractions than we thought possible with 4 young children in tow. But the day was hot and we looked forward to winding down to watch the fireworks at night. There we were, standing in front of the Castle waiting for the magic to begin when the daughter asked her father if she could sit on his shoulder and watch the fireworks. I took her aside and told her that she was getting a little too tall for that. The husband had not the heart to tell her that and he complied. I don’t know which is better – watching the fireworks or watching the reflection of the fireworks in the eyes of the children. She was so thrilled. She made a wish every time a wishing star fire cracker flew past. She glowed in the joy of the moment and was so happy to be there – with her loved ones at the happiest place on Earth. As the fireworks wound down, she kissed her father on the cheek and said,”I love you Appa. Happy Father’s Day!”

The next time, it will probably be Tucky’s turn at the old shoulders, but this time was hers…

8 thoughts on “Dads At Disney: DAD”

  1. How sweet….you might want to warn your husband that Shama wants to come again to see Disney coz she was only 2 years old when she went and does not remember anything!!!

    1. Hear! Hear! Welcome Shama – we will definitely go to Disneyland with Sri chittappa in tow okay?

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