The Eleventh Commandment

I don’t know about you, but when little babies are given formal sounding names, it seems outlandish. I mean who names a tiny bundle of joy Mrityunjay or Giridhar? A lot of people do, and I have nothing against Giridhars or Mrityunjays in general. I just think they should be called Gimpies or Meerkat when they are cute and cuddly.

When do they stop being cute and cuddly you ask. Well…that is an occupational hazard of being cute in the first place. I know some people who look like you could safely drive a bus across their chest – they could take down an army with an upper cut. When one sees them striding down regally upon the red carpet, the urge to salute is over-bearing and yet they answer to the name of ‘Kutti’ or ‘Bolu’ or ‘Chinku’. Β That is life.

It well maybe that my little lump of sugar who came into the World on a very special date (11-11-11 in room number 11 incidentally) grows up to be a force to reckon with. I would wish nothing but joy and success for him. But I can’t call him with that terribly official sounding name just yet.

May I take the opportunity of welcoming Goofy alias Guppies Appy till then.

I take my aunt-ly duties seriously and am in the process of writing several songs for him.. you know welcoming him into the world and all that. The songs, however, are a work in progress and tend to evolve with his current activities.

Gup Gup Gup Apple
Guppies is my name
Appy Appy Guppy Tippy
Chikoo Gubban Dee

While grandparents, aunts and uncles await His Highness’s Commandments, he sleeps to the Gup Apple song like a wee bird.

PS: He is also the 11th young person in my parents’ life counting the daughters and sons (including the sons-in-law and daughter-in-law, grand sons and grand daughters)

11 thoughts on “The Eleventh Commandment”

  1. All the songs that you wrote for the various children in the family are such marvelous pieces that they should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature or a Booker Prize !! I should compile them and send in an entry!! Considering everyone in the family remembers them even when my son is nearing 16 is proof by itself!!!

    1. Thanks Jashi – you are a dear. For your information Sri, we have found my words have been taken in popular Tamil songs of late – I should be more careful while belting my melodies out in public!

    1. Thanks SK πŸ™‚ The beauty is he came naturally! She went into labor on 10th and he was born on 11th …

  2. Congratulations to Anand – who will not remember me. Check with J what WE used to call him. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Obviously not for consumption on a public blog post!!!

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