The Witch and the Lady bug

When a witch comes at you with her face painted in that fiery manner one associates with potion preparation – what do you do? You quail and hide, or at the very least, beat the retreat. More so, if you are a beetle or a bug – they say these creatures are the sprig and parsley of potions. You fly away as fast as your little wings carry you, right? Wrong! 

You give a hearty cackle that you know will make the witch stop in her tracks and set aside that glowing wand of hers for a minute and crush you with a magical hug before heading out into the Halloween night, and you look after her forlorn that she gets to run out while you have to be carried into the evening for a spot of Halloween trick-or-treating.

The daughter was a witch and the infant brother a lady bug. Last year, I had managed to carve some pumpkins (amateur effort as it was, it was a pumpkin all the same) This year, we hastily managed this:

… and making dosas shaped like witches on broomsticks – sigh.

All in all, we sent October packing with a resounding Halloween success. Tucky was hailed as the youngest Halloweener in many circles and he seemed to like the attention. Next year pumpkins – next year. I shall come after you with a carving knife so sharp that you shall squeal.

8 thoughts on “The Witch and the Lady bug”

  1. The bug looked squish-ably cute and the witch was delightfully sweet (which, as far as witches go, isn’t the most desirable trait!) 🙂

    On another note, are you stressed? You’ve been belting the posts out!

    1. You betcha – I am stressed – stretched for time actually. The need for stress relief is great in times of on-call strife!

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