How do you know?

Please throw your mind back to the time you are holding the attention of all present. Your speech is flourishing, the mind drooling – powerfully cruising along with great confidence about a pet topic. A topic in which you are hitherto considered the expert, when somebody throws this at you. “How do you know?”

I don’t know about you, but there are only two ways to answer this question. One is uninteresting and long-winded wherein you whip out the facts from your bosom and lay them bare for the audience to consider, sift and form their opinion. If the audience is quieter than usual, then you go on whipping more and more facts till you fall into your own fact trap. The problem with this approach is that sometimes, I’ve seen the firm rudder flounder a bit in the wind and get into the “I agree with this, but on the other hand, I also agree with that.” boat.

The other can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways: rude, arrogant or funny depending on the tone and situation. Answers such as, “I know, therefore I know.” fall into this category.

Which is why when we saw the daughter’s to this question, we couldn’t help laughing and relishing the innocence of it all.

14 thoughts on “How do you know?”

  1. Thanks all – now, I’ve got to get her to rub it out and write a proper answer. Education kills spontaneity I tell you!

  2. Keena’s answer is the correct answer. The question is wrong, so she shouldn’t change it. The real question should be- what in the story made you come to this conclusion (or something along those lines).

    1. I wonder how she will feel when I show it to her years later when education has ‘corrected’ her – sigh!

  3. you won’t believe this, but laya did the same thing in her first grade:
    q: did the children enjoy the circus? how do you know?
    laya’s answer: yes, they did enjoy the circus. i know because i read the passage!

    and now, almost teen laya cringes when i remind her about that!

    do tell keertana that i hope she got an A for that answer!

    1. She is very proud of her answer and we had a bit of convincing to do to change it! So will tell her that Shobhi pemma thought she should get an A for that answer…

  4. Such a pity we can’t give these kind of answers to questions like, “Are these the final requirements?”.


    “How do you know?”

    Can’t say …(The Client is a moron who changes his mind per nanoseconds)…now can you?

    So instead you end up saying “Ummm.. err… you know he had this press conference where he spoke of new strategies and consolidation of assets…other management jargon…blah…blah…”

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