Welcoming Tucky

Throwing my mind back, I cannot consciously remember the time Tucky entered our conversations. He was named Tucky because he was safely tucked inside my tummy.

“Is Tucky kicking you now?” became a common question from the daughter whenever my face contorted with a random jab from the little one in my womb. Tucky entered our lives in a far more real fashion when he was born last week. Suddenly, the whole pregnancy has become a blur and the immediate needs of a newborn have overtaken everything else. We had a baby boy last week and it has generally been a emotionally-charged action-packed week for all around, but I am glad to say that we are all enjoying the little one in our own different ways.

I gave pregnancy related humour a huge miss on this blog, but have some nuggets that stand out. Like how one morning, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and moaned about how shapeless I looked. The candid daughter – the apple of my eye; came up to me and said with complete sincerity, “No amma, you don’t look shapeless at all…”
I started to smile, and was just beginning to clear the contours of worry off of my face. I had barely let the smile reach the corners of my own mouth when she quipped, “You look like an egg! Like an Easter egg actually – I love Easter eggs!”
I am glad to tell everybody that I now know how eggs walk, and my sympathies shall always be with cartoons of eggs with legs in children’s book from now on. If it takes pregnancy to truly appreciate Humpty Dumpty, so be it.

Or the fact that one day I entered our train with a bunch of balloons quite late in my pregnancy, looking … like I really could use a break. My colleagues had thrown me a surprise baby shower at work and I was obviously looking like the balloon seller in Disneyland; when a cute boy with freckles pointed to me and asked his mother, “Oooh….why does that fat lady have so many balloons?”

I burst out laughing partly because I imagined how I looked, but also because of the way his mother looked. Appalled and apologetic at the same time, she mumbled a whole lot of sentences that set off her purplish pink complexion very nicely at that moment.

Please wish us luck as we try to find balance as a four member family.

18 thoughts on “Welcoming Tucky”

  1. heyyyy saumi!!!! congratulations!!!!! please post some pictures of the little tucky. (btw what’s his real name? 🙂 ….) Wish you all the best !!!!
    lots of love and hugs

  2. Hello to all readers of this Blog….I am the one who christened him Tucky (Tucky Two Shoes) in my regular sms s to Saumya !! I insist on setting the credits right. Anyway, the little lump of sugar was born into our family and brings everyone so much joy!!!

      1. I know….give credit where it is due. “Tucky” – the name gave us ample time to dilly dally on his real name!

  3. OMG!!! What a pleasant surprise!! I could have done with some company in blogdom!
    Many congratuations to you, Mr Saumya and dotter! :–)) Good luck and hope you are enjoying the sleepless nights and recovering well. Take care.

    And yes, Tucky and BSK are going to be classmates, yay!! :–))

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