Do Tooth Fairies Have Baggage Restrictions?

We bolster independent decision making. I know … you think these are mere words? In our case we have proof. The television in our household has taken the philosophy straight to its heart . The television now decides for us when and for how long we get to watch television. The one thing it lacks is finesse. When cutting off our viewing, it does so rather abruptly and rudely. It just goes BLEEP accompanied by similar cursing from the viewers and sits there smirking at you.

This behavior on the part of the television has been viewed as base treachery by the husband, who regards the TV with a fond affection, having spent many fruitless hours in its company. He simply cannot believe that when it has received so much attention, it should flip out in this uncouth manner. When simple things did not work, the husband resorted to the one thing software engineers are comfortable doing to televisions. He gave it a well aimed whack on its backside. He claims to have seen the mechanic in his locality as a boy doing the same to radios and tape recorders with amazing results. I personally think the first one was delivered in frustration and passed off as scientific nudging.

Anyway, that seemed to work for a while, but the TV now seems blaise about even this and refuses to start up again till it finds a time convenient for it.

In other news, there has been considerable excitement about a tooth fairy visiting the house. The daughter exclaimed loudly and bursting with excitement that the tooth fairy gave her EXACTLY what she wished for. I must mention that the tooth fairy from has been hiding in the closet for more than a month now waiting to give the gift.Β  The daughter’s tooth shook and shook, till it finally fell off one day. The historic event happened in her school and they were sweet enough to give her a tooth case with the precious tooth to place under her pillow for the tooth fairy.

Since tooth fairies are this intuitive and give you exactly what you wish for these days and considering the husband seems rather forlorn with the television’s continued apathy towards his state; it may be good idea to knock out one of his teeth one of these days just to see what he’d get. There is one problem though, the tooth fairy seems rather petite and bringing in a TV might not be possible. Wonder if they have any baggage restrictions. Hmm….

9 thoughts on “Do Tooth Fairies Have Baggage Restrictions?”

  1. ha ha πŸ˜€ you seem to be enjoying both the TV free time and your husband’s plight. Tooth fairy seems to have heard you since already took care of your daughter’s wishes!

  2. LOL! We have a spare 10,000 ton TV lying in the basement. It works fine and was relegated to the Basement when replaced by a new non-pregnant model.

    It’s the age of mircales you see – so we don’t know how we managed to shift it all the way down with no damage to self or home.

    You are most welcome to take it:-)

    1. Thanks Anu….we donated our pregnant model a few months ago after I felt guilty reading about a majority of homes having more TVs than people in the household!

  3. No, they don’t have baggage restrictions. Tell Sri that he has to wait till September, for the tooth fairy to visit and he will get EXACTLY what he wished for. πŸ™‚ A win win situation, as you get some peace time till Sept. πŸ™‚

  4. I like the husband tooth knocking off bit!!!Sounds very exciting….BTW why have I not received any pictures of my little daughter with a lost tooth?

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