Dumb Criminals

Awareness is key. USA has done a good job in teaching its citizens that 911 is there for emergencies. Take this couple for instance. Nothing remarkable about them. The only thing he wanted was some cash to take his girlfriend on a date, plus a number of other items on his list that he is not in the mood to share with us. This boy chose to get the money by robbing a store. I don’t know whether he experienced any qualms about the modus operandi, but he certainly did not let those bother him on the date. On the way, their car broke down and the smart couple summoned 911, who not only helped them get their car on their way, but offered additional service by taking the boy in to ride with them free of charge to the Correction unit.

Robbery suspects dial 911 for roadside towing assistance!

Who said the serious business of life has no sense of humour?!

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