Live like 4 year olds

I’d taken the brother’s family and daughter on that beautiful day to San Diego’s Sea World. I love watching the dolphins and the killer whales frolicking in the waters, and goofing around with their trainers.
On a side note, there is one thing that has always stood out for me at these outdoor parks, be it Disneyland or Sea World. I am never clothed right. Either I’ve seen the forecast, analyzed it from every angle and then come in looking thoroughly unprepared. Dressed like a polar bear, only to find the sun’s rays laughing harder and harder at me, pointing fingers as I struggle through; or I am dressed like  heroines in old Indian movies dancing in the snow with a flimsy saree – under dressed for the occasion I meant – Shivering and refusing to buy a  jacket at the local park stores.(I can be wool headed when I want to, I am afraid).

San Diego saw us prepared this time. We got up in the morning to rain and thunder. The kind of rain that urges you to stay indoors and gulp tea and have pakoras. But, we did none of that, we braved the elements and went looking for adventure. The look of glee that was on my daughter’s face knowing she could splosh around in the rain was infectious. Soon, we washed our faces with the gleeful rays emanating from her and danced and sploshed in the rain too.

I glanced at the killer whales as I entered the show stadium and winked at them. Dared them to soak me this time. You see we’d carefully concealed our beautiful clothes with unwieldy jackets and further added a pillow case like rain hood on top of that. I bravely sat in the soak zone and simply balked at them.

“See? Huh? 4 layers – the only thing you can really get wet is my face. Want to try?”

I should have known by the lazy flick of their fins. I sat there simply imploring them to come and splash on our side, but they refused. It is like they read my thoughts and said, “Think you are smart, do ya? Well…we only soak you when you are warm and dry. Not when you come looking like tarpaulin tents” and ignored our spot of the stadium the whole while.

Nevertheless, sploshing around in the rain was fun. It brought back memories of our childhood and watching a young one prance in the rain made us behave like 4 year olds who have had too much chocolate.

The way this news article asks us to behave, in other words.;_ylt=Ajc0ZFeKu1VENwtlVAgFmyuZb6U5

2 thoughts on “Live like 4 year olds”

  1. I can never get drenched in the rain wantedly. I know it is fun, but somehow I am not a fan of somehow the stuffy,wet feeling afterwards. I guess thats the diff between a 30 and 4 yr old. Sigh!

    1. 🙂 Yes…It was so much fun that day. Of course the best is to play in the rain and then come in, take a warm bath and get comfy, but this worked too!

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