Woof Woof!

The husband did well I thought, and yet they gave him a dog biscuit. I mean to say, I did think of rolling up my sleeves to bark at the fellow, but if a non-barker got a dog biscuit, what would a barker get? I was in no mood for bones at the moment.

The h. and his friends performed admirably at the San Jose Rock ‘N Roll half marathon. One of them actually ran like he had a fierce dog at his heels the whole way through and finished in an hour and 36 minutes. I wonder whether they gave him a dog biscuit! If not, I might have a case on my hands what?

Anyway, the point is when these marathons are conducted, there is a goodish amount of food given along the way and at the finish line. Having run a long distance, it is not uncommon to see marathoners sweating and panting like dogs, queueing up at these lines to pick up food. Bananas, oranges, water, rotten tasting fiber bars left to please the smarting eye on the kitchen counter till the lady of the house discreetly gets rid of it, salt tablets, foil cloaks – this is where they make their money back. I mean, these marathoners actually pay to run, so here is where they get their ROI is the general consensus. I once saw a fellow’s pants stuffed with assorted peanut packets, some chocolate chip cookies, three oranges and 2 bananas, and he wasn’t even halfway through the food line.

This, though was the first time I saw a dog biscuit packet in the accumulated finish line wealth. It is entirely possible one mistook the panting and yipped one at him, but I thought it mean. The husband was so biffed, he went and collected a beer bottle to make up for it.

Woof Woof and a Bottle of Beer!

18 thoughts on “Woof Woof!”

    1. IT was Anand – it was so festive! the finish line atmosphere and the start line atmosphere are truly to be savoured.

    1. Oh…I had put them altogether in one packet and was sorting them after the finish – so I thought it was a finish line goody.

  1. Hahahhaa! Dog biscuits for the finishers. But I heard its much more fun running rock n roll with a lot many cheerers.
    Congrats to Sri for finishing.

  2. Yeah, I did notice that one from the expo… Good that I noticed the label before trying to munch it assuming that it is yet another freebie foodie..:)

      1. The guy who ran like he was chased by a fierce dog sounds familiar…Did you see him cross the finish line… (in the website video link?)

      2. Send the video link Suresh – you could have dawdled a bit and waited till we came to cheer before finishing, but you were in a tearing hurry, what to do?

  3. I think I should be there to see others running, if not running myself, atleast next year. I have been living here for such a long time but never attended this event – shame on me! Glad your husband finished the run.

  4. “One of them actually ran like he had a fierce dog at his heels the whole way through and finished in an hour and 36 minutes.” – That was pretty good..

    As Mano pointed, it was given during the expo..but even then.. there is good chance lot of people munched it and barked later.

      1. Till I saw the video I was wondering what shree was saying about vomitting and you about marking territory!

        You go man – I am really proud of you Suresh.

      2. I think it was the extra salt pill with a little too much water…It bothered me as I picked up pace towards the end.. As you can see, it was more of a burp, than an eventful session..:)

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