Snow White & Shanta Sakkubai

No. Thanks. I am not nuts yet, but I am quickly pushing those around me there with this song. This is a song that appears first in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie by Disney.

This movie was one of Disney’s first movies, and is very like Shantha Sakkubai (an old Tamil movie that appeared around the same time.) Allow me to explain.

Poor Shantha Sakkubai was hurled at us when entertainment options were limited to the state-owned-and-deemed-appropriate era of Doordarshan. I assure nothing else could have made me endure “Jai Panduranga ..” from Shantha Sakkubai.

Shantha Sakkubai’s plight was one of misery, yet she never quailed in her belief of Krishna. Her mother-in-law ill-treated her. What did Shantha Saks. do in return? She just belted out a melody in retaliation. I tried telling Shantha Saks Baby that if she stopped this infernal singing, her mother-in-law might go easy on her. But you know what happens to wise people. I was hushed and bundled off to “play”.

I was jarred to see that Snow White seemed to have followed a similar tactic in her days. The Queen throws her out and has a huntsman set after her. She runs through the forest – horrible beasts coming after her. Pretty thick situation to be in, if you ask me. But, Snow White asks the birds and squirrels what she should do, and they tell her to sing.

No wonder, it is a tradition in South Indian arranged marriages to have the girl sing.

Just whistle while you work.
And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place.

9 thoughts on “Snow White & Shanta Sakkubai”

  1. An astute observation :). The frequency of songs in Tamil movies never ceased to astound me, but I never made the link from them to cartoons and now it’s so obvious!

    Damsel in distress, sing. Somebody all set to die, sing. Got shot by the baddies? Sing and then die after a 5 minute song. In love, sing. It never ends, I tell you.

    Cartoons doing this probably just follow the age old belief of monkey see, monkey do!

  2. Hahha… nice to know there is somebody other than me who rememberes Shantha Sakkubai of Doordarshan!! I will never forget that movie ever in my life…. what with all the trick shots that were used… when Krishna helps Shantha Saks with household chores that the MIL orders her to do… the vessels and clothes getting washed, house getting cleaned… all by themselves… wah wah!! and I can remember myself watching those scenes with awe! :))

    1. Wow Deepa. Thank you! And I thought no one else remembers Shantha Sakkubai.

      Sapna: Musical therapy. Only problem is I can’t imagine my singing being therapy to anyone!

      Anand: I think you should start singing at work too.

  3. LOL !! Do I remember Shantha Sakkubai, Chandralekha, Avvayaar, Parasakthi…all those boring, 4-hour long movies we were forced to see??Cultural education was what my dad called it- I almost made up my mind to migrate to some place where this culture did not exist!! But life comes a full circle and our kids now watch these Disney Princess musicals!!

    1. Jashi, I think we are the generation stuck in between. WE would have liked to watch the disney musicals then, and didn’t. Instead, we watched all these boring ones, and now we watch disney musicals, over and over again.

  4. After watching snow white 20 times in 10 days, I am thinking Shanta Sakubhai will be a good change πŸ™‚

    Just whistle while you work.. Hmmphh!!

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