Shocking I tell you – Shocking.

This time, it is real.

Mankind is pursuing a macabre race, and is shamelessly analysing TV shows where people are instructed to zap contestants with voltage – shocks for every wrong answer. So, what answers cause death?

Here is an excerpt:

Would you shock someone with potentially lethal amounts of electricity simply because you were told to do it? That’s exactly what the subjects in Stanley Milgrim’s experiments did in the early 1960s. His objective was to test obedience to authority, and the world was surprised to see the results. A majority of ordinary citizens in the test chose to shock an innocent person when they were ordered to by the scientist leading the experiment. The individuals on the receiving end of the powerful shocks were actually actors pretending to suffer, but the subjects believed they were causing the actors real pain throughout the study.

French Television went a step further and aired the show on TV. Of course, they made sure they announced afterward that the contestants were actors and were just acting as though voltage coursed through them. I did not actually see the show, but I’d like to imagine how wrong this show could go

Quiz Master: What is 12345679 * 8?

Contestant: 98765432

ZAP! A shocking voltage shock rips through the contestant’s body, who stabilizes himself after the shock wears off and swears.

“Mad Math Phobiacal Moth eating Mobs! Curse you all into worm-eating oblivion. That is the right answer! Why don’t these guffoons have a calculator before making the decision to hose my life?!”

So it goes…

2 thoughts on “Shocking”

  1. Not shocked at all:) My first impulse has always been to obey, unless some one gives me time to debate or asks me for an opinion, i am most likely to do it – an ideal average person.

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