Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day to all you wonderful women out there.

I have been getting lots of mails telling me people are proud of me because I cry when I am sad and laugh when something is funny. Also, my hugs are supposed to be fused with the magical healing touch. Bruises heal themselves. I wonder how I broke the cup the other day with all these abilities I possess. Maybe, I did not hug the shards of the broken cup hard enough.

Apparently, all this makes me a wonderful woman. I also eat when I am hungry – I suppose that makes me more human.

The mails I am receiving also tell me as a woman I don’t quite know my power or capacity – I agree. Once when I was around a decade old, my friend and I had a dosa eating competition to which my sister unwittingly offered to be the dosa maker. I did surprise myself, and lost by a small margin, but my dosa competitor was a year older than I was.  I don’t think the sister has learned to view the dosa tava with the same benevolence since. If I remember right, I groaned all evening clutching my stomach in a wonderful show of feminine bravery.

Which all brings me to the question, do Men have a day dedicated for them?

There is an International Men’s Day. It is celebrated on November 19th, and was started as recently as 1999 – almost a century after their Women counterparts started celebrating themselves.

Frivolous as the content of this post is, I do hope my female brethen are uplifted from the horrors of misogyny inflicted upon them by men and members of their own creed. I’d like to end this post on this note (Seneca)

Dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem

As long as we are human, let us be humane

11 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day”

  1. I am confused whether I should say “Happy Women’s day” or not.
    But when does that stop me??

    1. The article mentioned in India Cut is so profound. Words fail me.
      “As long as we are human, let us be humane” – Lovely Saumya though it is a big IF… And as the article mentioned, if only people could be more humane when cutting the genitals of a girl child, when killing her as a foetus and flushing her down the drain, alas…
      I was planning on writing a post but no time.. Hmmm..Should..

  2. I too am not sure if I should say Happy Women’s Day. The day went by, like any other day. But I do feel for the large number of women ill treated, who need to be treated better. I do think most men have it easy.
    I didnt quite understand the IndiaUncut post, need to re-read it slowly I think . ;–)

  3. Dear Saumya,It is news to me that Nov.19 th is Intn’l Men’s Day. I have decided to behave & act as a man with recognition atleast before your mother hereafter , as a result of which,I will help her out in kitchen & household chores. Keep posting highly informative & creative articles . Growth is life.To cease to breathe is death; to cease in efforts is prelude to death. So grow in style,richness of your language,thoughts & ability to help people around you. Appa.

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