Tea anyone?

Is there a TA group? Sometimes, I find myself in remission, and other times I have a furious re-lapse. For those of you who already know me, it is no surprise, but for others, it’s time for a confession.

I am a teaholic. Anytime, you put a cup in front of me, I can do justice to it. I can drink out of the cheap tea-glasses in tea-shops on the roadside with the same fervour and enthusiasm I accord to petite cups fit for Princesses. I can sound like a camel thirstily slopping water at an oasis or slide the life-saving noiselessly into the opening. Sometimes, I can drink tea soon after I’ve polished a cup of icecream, and still walk and talk normally.

I grew up amidst tea estates and had access to the finest teas! I am proud to admit that I took advantage of all these opportunities. I am not so proud to admit manipulating the brother when he was gullible enough to make tea for me endlessly for a little bit of praise.

“Wow – you know the best tea? It is what you make dear brother!”

The effect was phenomenal: he would swell with pride, and his eyes would pop. He would run and bustle about making a cup of tea for me. Sometimes, in my praise, if I went overboard, the brother would go overboard too, and bring in biscuits on a tray with the tea. Even when his tennis or football, or whatever bally game it was he was playing at the time beckoned him, the man would deliver. Of course those times, the tea did look too much like ditch water for comfort, but if you closed your eyes and drank it, it was fine. I am a trifle sad that he has since grown up, and my polished gestures of appreciation are not greeted with the same enthusiasm of his youth! Passage of time does that to one. Sigh.

While critics have criticised me for the obsession, I wish to throw this study out at them, and tell them that I have only been keeping diabetes at bay all this while.


This story has lightened my heart. Now, I am off for a hot cuppa in this cold and hostile weather. I am looking over my shoulder as I say this

“You know the best tea in the world ..?” (Well, it is the holiday season, I tried it to see if my little brother would come in with tea and biscuits! But sad luck, I’m on my own!)

13 thoughts on “Tea anyone?”

    1. 🙂 You know SK, I tried green tea several times, but somehow, I just love the chai too much. I actually douse the green tea down with sugar! Esp, after a long nap like in the post below, there is nothing like a chai-pick-me-up.

  1. I am more of a coffee guy… I used to religiously drink tea, back in India. The norm was, coffee in the morning, tea in the evening and milk before going to sleep…. Now, it is coffee in the morning (instant), few espressos (about 3 or 4 times) over the course of the day… These days, the only tea I have is in chinese or japanese restaurants…:)

  2. Tea was always treated as second cousins when I was growing up. Coffee in the morning and evening. Something changed in later days (cost?) and we switched to tea in the evening. Never liked the idea.

    Green Tea, I like for its flavor. I drink it when I have to sore throat.

    BTW, were all those praising of my occasional tea making a manipulation???

    Poor Brother! (and Poor me?)

    1. I purposely did not mention you, since I am still using this technique, albeit less blatantly!

      You know who makes the tea in my house? *wink wink*

  3. great post! I’m more of a chocolate milk kind of girl :). When I visited my aunt in London, I made the mistake of telling her I drink tea and we had it about 4 times a day haha. I didn’t have the heart to say no more!

    PS You are a great writer! I like your style 🙂

  4. yeah me also a tea lover…infact I just love to inhale that wiff of hot air rising from my cup of chai…that sip and relaxation defi have a connect 🙂

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