So many things to tell you

So many things to tell you,
So many things to share.
And so little time to do it all….

Blazing Turtles ran the California International Marathon in sub-zero running conditions in 4 hours and 9 minutes. (Team Captain: The husband – hear hear everybody, my husband was the team captain of the Marathon Relay team!) It was owing to the fact that he registered the team, but he has been given a title and would like to flaunt it. I don’t deny people simple pleasures in life. So, Capt Husband it is. More to come – stay tuned.

I saw policemen in tights riding horses like they belonged to the Genghis Khan Gobi Desert Preservation Squad. If I’d known how to whistle, I would have, because policemen in tights on horses is a rarity. I didn’t realize they still had equestrian training for cops in cities.

The flash storm has brought with it snow in the Bay area, something that I’ve never witnessed before. It snowed for a few minutes in San Francisco, and I was very tempted to go out and play. Or, in my delirium, it could have been hail that I perceived as snow! The surrounding hillsides look very pleasant with all the snow, but the nose feels most unpleasant being exposed in the cold like this. Seemed like an appropriate time to get snowing on the blog.

The line in the soup place I went to for lunch snaked all around and turned back and looped again forming concentric circles due to the cold. I could not think of a single day before when I’ve seen this many people wanting to tuck into some hot soup. I don’t know how soup places in these really cold places like Minneapolis estimate demand.

It is 25 years since the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984. The apathy and suffering is appalling, and the images most disturbing.

12 thoughts on “So many things to tell you”

  1. Is this taking out thrash day? (West wing terminonlogy)

    Off all the things said, Suresh picked “nose comment” 🙂 Your nose getting colder is due to higher altitude issue 🙂

    I like the “Captain” part.

  2. Jolly good show old gal and all that! A ton of nose related comments come to the mind, however, I shall keep them to myself considering the nose has been done to death in this forum. There is a time and place for everything, you see!

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